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Timesys Helping Solve the Embedded Linux Puzzle
SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
Development of embedded devices based on open source Linux isn't easy. The growing adoption of Linux and need for highly customized embedded devices combined with the shortage of embedded engineers having Linux experience causes several time to market challenges for companies aiming to build embedded Linux based solutions. Identifying a gaping hole in the segments Timesys, a provider of embedded Linux solutions, is helping companies simplify their worries. By providing LinuxLink, a complete and easy-to-use suite of tools for platform and application development that can be used for all phases of product development, the company helps clients shorten the embedded Linux learning curve. The company also provides both professional services that address engineering requirements and customized training that enables developers to quickly adopt embedded Linux as well as stay abreast of new developments and best practices.

Founded in 1996, the company's mantra for success is their commitment to providing embedded developers with easy-to-use embedded Linux offerings and world-class support, professional services and training. "We believe that the ease of use of our products helps us satisfy our clients' requirements," says Atul Bansal, CEO, Timesys. Another factor harboring the company's success is their cloud-based embedded Linux customization framework. "Anyone can use our LinuxLink FREE Edition web-based wizard to build a customized Linux BSP and SDK for a wide variety of popular embedded processors and associated development kits,\" adds Bansal. The company has partnered with major semiconductor vendors such as Atmel, Freescale Semiconductor, Intel and Texas Instruments, to name a few, to deliver their LinuxLink solution.

Simplifying Embedded Linux Complexities

Besides providing an easy-to-use embedded Linux framework, Timesys has delivered office automation, medical device, energy metering, automotive navigation, wireless controller, video capture and streaming, and home automation service solutions for hundreds of customers globally.

The company's Timesys University Program offers training that benefits both new and experienced developers. "Our training programs are offered both on-site and on-line and are delivered through our semiconductor and distributor partner ecosystem. Timesys University trainings range from focused one-day sessions to comprehensive multiple-day sessions, and they can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of an engineering team," explains Bansal.

Another feather in Timesys' cap is that the company has been a founding member of Yocto, an open source project whose focus is on improving the software development process for embedded Linux distributions.

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