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TargetRecruit Most Innovative Recruitment Solution Built on salesforce.com Platform
Rachita Sharma
Monday, November 4, 2013
Cloud technology has truly been a game changer for many industries. Platforms such as salesforce.com have changed the rules for sales and marketing by streamlining the processes. In 2005, one of the very few companies to be the certified partner for salesforce.com was Avankia LLC, an IT Services provider. The company that was an expert at doing Salesforce implementations was also into IT Staffing. The Founder and CEO of the company Reena Gupta noticed that because of the spectacular architecture of salesforce.com, clients were deriving superlative business efficiencies out of it and were very enthusiastic about adopting the cloud. However the same level of enthusiasm was missing in terms of the recruitment software.

As sales, marketing and CRM were making the move to the cloud, IT staffing was still stuck in the olden days where outdated software was being used. Staffing companies were riddled with inefficient systems where data was scattered in several places. One had to manually move data which lead to several errors and gaps in communication which ultimately resulted in business loss. Reena identified a big void in the staffing industry and decided to build a product on salesforce platform, that would streamline all the processes and bring information on one unified platform. The idea shaped into the revolutionary product TargetRecruit, which is positioned as the leader in the applicant-tracking software industry. "It is an all-in-one recruiting application that can be customized to suit the needs of individual businesses and recruiting teams," says Reena. In 2007, the young company was incubated by salesforce.com and the product was perfected in their San Mateo office.

Streamlining Processes

What had started as a solution to Avankia's internal problems soon took the shape of a highly innovative product that today has over 100s of clients across the globe. Reena's enthusiasm about the company's growth is evident in her voice as she explains how the product is one of its kind. "We are the only company on the salesforce.com platform that provides completely integrated solution to this niche industry. TargetRecruit is used by staffing companies to manage the entire cycle, also known as "Req to check" in one integrated platform." Reena simplifies.

Every company has its own unique processes for hiring. TargetRecruit is the only cloud based platform that can adapt to these different business needs. It is one of the most robust and scalable platforms with over 1700 applications built on and integrated with it. "Our customers immediately get access to those products and they can decide if they like it or not," Reena adds. With an uptime of 99.9 percent the platform can run on any browser, PC, Mac, smart phones, tablets or any mobile device.

The platform can integrate marketing and sales, recruiting, timesheets, accounting, payroll bringing both Frontend and Backend to the same platform. TargetRecruit use another product incubated by its parent company called DBSync for all their integration needs. It also provide additional Healthcare industry specific functionalities like Credentials, Per diem and Locums Schedule management all in one platform.
TargetRecruit can easily integrate into any existing business system and is capable of capturing as much data as an organization requires. Companies are free to write business rules that fit their requirements and can control data access based on specific roles and privileges. They can create their own customized dashboards, reports, actionable analytics for intelligent decision making.
"We keep on adding value to our customers by providing the integration, add on functionalities and bring them together on one integrated platform. That's one of the biggest differentiating factor that we have," Reena adds.

Keeping Clients Satisfied

"Implementation of TargetRecruit has enabled MedPro to operate at a much higher level of productivity, intelligence, and control. Reena and her team at TargetRecruit challenged our thinking throughout the implementation, resulting in the programming of competitive advantage features like AutoMatch, electronic credentialing, etc. Mundane processes have been automated or eliminated, and staff and management have real-time access to important information," says MedPro.

"We are a much stronger and smarter company as a result of the implementation of TargetRecruit," they say.

Success stories such as these are echoed throughout TargetRecruit's roster of clients. The innovative company has found its niche in companies looking at temporary staffing. "In today's economy there are several companies that cannot afford to make new hires but require work to be done, so they opt for temporary recruitment. This is where we focus," explains Reena. Be it the IT sector, Healthcare, Creative Talents, Chefs or Teachers, TargetRecruit is helping their clients get the right talent for the job. The company also enjoys customer retention of more than 90 percent, which can be attributed to the value that customers can derive from TargetRecruit.

The company not only takes care of its clients but also of its employees. Reena is an ardent believer in striking a work life balance to be successful. Not only does she follow it herself, but also gives her employees an opportunity to give equal weightage to work along with family life. The organization still retains its start up vibe and every employee is trusted with serious responsibilities which helps them grow and learn a lot more than what they would have done in any other organization.
Reena's vision for TargetRecruit is "To become the Global Platform-Of-Choice for Staffing and Recruiting companies to run their Entire Business." Going by what their clients have to say, the company has already achieved that and much more.

Reena Gupta: Super Entrepreneur and Super Mom

What are the common factors between entrepreneurship and motherhood? Both are highly demanding jobs that require your attention 24*7 without fail. It is thus a common notion that a success entrepreneur will not be a hands on super mom or vice versa. But challenging this norm is Reena Gupta, She has her hands full with two young kids and three fully functioning successful companies to manage. An average person would have given up till now but her multitasking capabilities are beyond the ordinary. Not only does she spend ample quality time raising her children but has also lead her company to provide innovative solutions and excellent customer Service.
The weapon of choice for this super woman is to rise before the sun does. Her alarm goes off at 2:00 am in the morning. "This way I get a head start on the day. I strive to complete a large chunk of my work early in the day so that the rest of the day can be devoted to spending quality time with my family. She also takes time to do her daily meditation and exercise and give proper attention to her own health. She is an ardent follower of Art of Living Organization, which taught her breathing techniques and how to deal with different types of situations, which helps her keep her sanity," Reena adds with a smile. Sounds like a tough challenge to us.

Her life may sound like a tough challenge to all. However, she is no stranger to challenging norms and braving all odds to continue with what she felt was right for her. Belonging to a small town in India, her family was not very encouraging about the idea of having a career. Today Reena's story is narrated back home as a proud example of what a woman can achieve if she sets her heart in it.

"My pillar of strength is my loving family that has encouraged me at every juncture of my career," she says. Her husband Rajeev Gupta, who manages the DBSync integration product along with her two young children Rohan (11) and Ritika (7) are accepting of her work and lifestyle and support her in every way possible. Along with them her father in law who stays with them provides her the greatest support system.

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