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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: Internet
myBantu.com The All-Time Personal Assistant
SI Team
Monday, November 1, 2010
Today, people are juggling with a core balancing act. Everyone is forced to fulfill many complex and diverse needs like - meeting people, planning professional team outings and making presence at social events without compromising on the regular chores like taking kids to school, paying bills and fulfilling other house hold duties. At some point each one of us has felt ‘Wish the day had more than 24 hours and I had a permanent assistant with me’. Bhaskar Enaganti was keenly watching on this trend and readily introduced myBantu as an online personal assistant.

This app does the role of your personal assistant, who would guide you across all subjects however diverse they may be. For instance whether you have requested for the best romantic dining place or size 10 golf shoes with soft soles, you will get around 3-9 relevant suggestions gathered from different sources like web, personal networks, blogs and even your friends’ recommendations. “myBantu.com leverages “Social Intelligence” –It uses different tools like search engines, semantic engines, Social networking sites for sourcing relevant recommendations to the users,” says Enaganti, who is the CEO of myBantu.com.

It is this social intelligence which sets them apart from other portals like Siri.com and Hunch.com. Unlike them myBantu maintains a fine blend of Artificial Intelligence and Social Relevance, whereby it fetches recommendations from the web without ignoring the personal opinions from friends.

myBantu.com is Facebook centric. It is currently available as a Facebook app, a web app and an iPhone app, plans there are though to extend into other smartphones soon. With a team of 28 people working out of California and Bangalore, the company has set plans for this Assistant. The portal plans to acquire over 1.5 million users by 2011, and it will also diversify from being tuned for entertainment related needs like - dining, movies, online shopping to travel and health by the end of the fourth quarter of 2010.
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