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Landmark IT Solutions Enabling 'Future-Proof' Product Development Services
SI Team
Monday, January 12, 2015
Although Outsourced Product Development continues to evolve, many enterprises still lack scalability models with respect to growth. Over the years, new initiatives have advanced beyond the basic requirements regarding workforce, facilities and others. As an example, a new start-up requires a specific and dedicated UI UX team, DBA, several resources with new skill sets and many others. Closely following and adhering to these trends is Landmark IT Solutions (LMIT). LMIT offers end-to-end solutions among small scale enterprises over a diverse range. Starting with the basic application development to marketing, the firm efficiently manages the whole lifecycle of its client's product.
The company's diverse product development portfolio includes CRM solutions, E-Commerce solutions, IT Infrastructure, Analytics & QA, ASP.Net MVC, ColdFusion Development, Mobile Development, and Digital Marketing Services. With offices in Asia, US and Canada, the company enjoys stable presence with offshore product development in all major markets. "Our offshore software product development assures global implementation of techniques", informs Ashok Reddy, President at Landmark IT Solutions. "Also, our understanding of business domain and continuous technology innovation has led these customers become partners" adds Reddy.

The firm has a dedicated testing team of certified QA engineers, who inscribe code with integrated tools. The team also goes through security penetration and load testing scenarios to ensure product quality and superiority. The firm's eminent client includes Sellers Commerce which is in the eCommerce domain and SmartTouch Interactive which is into the CRM space. "More than 80 percent of the company's services are oriented towards these two companies. In short, we act as a solution provider, partner and stake holder at the same time," adds Reddy.

Adhering to Transparency
As part of ensuring transparency, LMIT works directly with several onsite teams who connect each other through visual presentation. Besides, the firm's onsite teams have access to internal tools to facilitate information on the ongoing projects. Also, the firm is equipped with attached cameras for accessing outside interface to avoid address conflict. In addition, the company makes it a point to meet the onsite team once in three months to be acquainted with them. Further, collaboration is ensured between different time zones through daily progress calls and attending significant meetings in high-definition IP video cameras. Also some of the specific discussions take place through person to person communication. It is further strengthened by two cycles of development teams running in two time zones.
In terms of protecting IP address for their clients, the US entity and the company gets into an agreement where they summarize all the vital elements of IP protection. The company also follows stringent regulations as to how and who could access the protection database.

Getting Ready for Tomorrow
Landmark IT Solutions maintains consistent focus on SMB companies. There are plans to continue development attempts towards market scalability, business flexibility and resources to these enterprises. The firm is looking forward to create a different division for potential customers by developing products to materialize their needs. In other words, the company aspires to concentrate heavily on product extension or technology extension for new product development. By analyzing their customer's needs, the firm through its great reserve of talent and resources ensures client success and thus becomes a part of their overall success. Currently the company is focusing on its two vital customers, partners - Sellers Commerce and SmartTouch Interactive to take them to the next development level.

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