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Lead IT A Propulsive Service Provider in the OPD Environ
Kamalika Roy Chowdhury
Monday, January 12, 2015
The growth of outsourcing in recent years is partly the result of a general shift in many business philosophies. In the past, many companies sought to acquire others and diversify their business interests in order to reduce risk. Today, as more companies discover that there are limited advantages in running a large group of unrelated businesses, they divest subsidiaries and are refocusing their efforts on one or a few closely related areas of business. For expanding their horizons and looking beyond the periphery, organizations forge strategic partnerships, when it comes to product development, as they no longer live in a "know-it-all, do-it-all" cocoon.
Successful outsourcing requires a strong understanding of an organization's capabilities and future direction. Adhering to this, Ram Talluri founded Lead IT, an innovation-driven Information Technology Services Company in 2005. Since then, the company has been growing as an Information Technology Consulting firm, acting as a single-stop IT solution provider for its various Commercial and State Government customers. Headquartered at Springfield, IL, the firm serves a diverse range of industries, helping them improve time to market, optimize resources and reduce costs, thereby creating measurable business impact. "We provide services such as program management, product design, development and maintenance services for clients looking to build applications," says Suman Akula, COO, Lead IT.

Enduring Cruise
As the saying goes, "all growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work" - the headway and growth of Lead IT implies to it exquisitely. Under the dexterous guidance of Ram Talluri and Suman Akula, the company has built a core team that has the perfect knowledge of the processes, tools and framework required for establishing a lean, efficient and agile delivery model.
"After investing few years in Java, .NET and ERP, in 2009, we realized that augmented collaboration in B2B and B2C is changing the market scenario. Hence we channeled our focus to enhance the mobile space that subsequently improved flexibility of communication and also provided value to the customers," states Suman. Simultaneously, Lead IT beefed up its expertise in Big Data technologies because of its predictability nature which enhanced revenue, productivity and many other elements in the market landscape.

Acculturating the "Evolving Trends" in OPD Space
During 2013, outsourcing to India was a huge market; therefore Lead IT started offices in Hyderabad, marking the eminence in the Indian industry. The organization presently levies its interest primarily in the area of public sector and commercial sector in the U.S. and India. Since OPD is an ever-evolving ecosystem, the principal merits of outsourcing include cost savings, flexibility, scalability, communication and collaboration. Companies that decide to outsource their projects mainly look for business profitability and efficiency. Coherently, Lead IT is no novice in providing comprehensive, integrated IT services and business solutions designed to fulfill the needs of local, regional, and global companies. The professional design services provided by Lead IT aim help clients meet their demands with services for expert design, development and product realization, accelerating the time it takes to market high quality embedded systems.

With today's fast paced market and the demand for product reliability and innovative design, it is a big challenge for companies to turn an idea into a product and also make it successful.En route to achieve this through outsourcing, an organization should initiate a search process that utilizes referrals from other companies and service-provider directories. Likewise, for a client who has a business lead and requires an inventory system, Lead IT acts as a partner to fulfill their requirement. In one such instance, a client in the U.S. approached Lead IT for support. The firm provided effective, flexible, and scalable products to emphasize the client's program. "We suggested them to look at our product development, and provided them the necessary tools, guiding them to identify their niche," says Suman. Similar to these instances, Lead IT recognizes the unique needs of the clients and uses different methodologies for different projects.

The company's services cover the process from concept to production including various aspects such as product conceptualization, application operation, and feature improvement.They also have extensive experience in mobile application development, end-to-end testing and software development methodology that drives profit exorbitantly. "Our Software Quality Assurance Group focuses on the quality of the deliverable being delivered to the customer. The quality team ensures that the quality goals identified for a project are being achieved by the project teams by means of regular project quality audits and ensure that the project team is following quality control processes set for the project.," says Suman. The group internally audits anything that goes out to the client, and provides a regular status update to the senior management team in the company. "We aim at the innovation in the market by actualizing the people, processes and the products together and by delivering projects for the clients in order to increase the value and productivity for business," adds Suman.

Podium Stratagem'Building the Differentiated Enterprise
Today, Lead IT has established itself as a big player in the global IT outsourcing industry. The company has around 500 professionals working in the U.S, Canada, and India, which is expected to grow up to 1500 in the next few years. The organization is serving Fortune 500 companies, government, and small to mid-market companies.The company uses LEAD Framework, a Lean, Efficient and Agile Delivery framework in all the projects. It codifies everything from engagement management to delivery, making Lead IT a distinguisher. Suman mentions that when we deliver a project to a client we do not just manage the typical triple constraints (Time, Cost and Scope), we manage the quadruple constraint (Time, Cost, Scope and Quality) adding quality to it as it strongly believes that quality is a very important dimension along with time, cost and scope.

Lead IT's services assist companies in turning concepts into products using various valued added offerings like conceptualization, software development, documentation and many more across product development cycle. The enterprise provides outsourced support and services in diverse serviceable areas including support of production applications, quality assurance, testing and infrastructure.

Inerrant Reasons to be Successful
One of the many reasons for Lead IT's success is that the firm's solutions are designed for modern distributed application architectures. The applications, over the past few years, have gone through a big transition with businesses moving to cloud, virtualized infrastructures,encircled within Big Data.
On the technological front, Lead IT is a market leader in the mobile applications, based on conceptualization of idea to implementation in enterprise mobility. The firm is a proud follower of the latest trends in business and consumer-centric mobile applications and make sure that the client can analyze everything.

Lead IT provided Personagraph,a U.S. based company with development support around android and other platforms, contributing to their mobile market asset. Personagraph is a user understanding platform. They are the market leaders in that space.
Personagraph's goal is to provide actionable user insights to help developers improve mobile user acquisition, engagement, monetization, and personalization efforts,Lead IT added value to Personagraph by accelerating -time to market'; giving them flexibility and scalability with resources they required.

Fact-Finding into the Future
To maintain its cutting-edge position in the market, Lead IT maintains strategic partnerships with Industry leaders like Personagraph. The firm is also a value added Service Partner of highly scalable products like Accela.
Suman believes in building a culture where every employee is driven towards innovation and excellence. "I am excited about adding value to the public and commercial sector by getting subject matter expertise from region to region, in the days to come, like from India to the U.S. and also try to figure out a strategy of them."
"We are inclined towards investing around mobile, analytics, licensing and case management. We are also making efforts to get into the Middle East markets," says Suman. Lead IT is well aligned to grow rapidly in the US, India and middle east.

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