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iWork Technologies Committed to Help Customers Build Software Products Better and Faster
SI Team
Monday, January 12, 2015
Outsourced Product Development (OPD) is a new wave in the field of technology that has empowered various firms to spare a huge number of dollars through outsourcing of products. Although the commendable potential of OPD does not require any proof of existence, its management and execution are a challenging task that cannot be disregarded. Expertise in product life cycle irrespective of different stages, a guaranteed post product development support and their compliance with the multiple platforms, to name a few, are a percentage of the key viewpoints that personnel think about before selecting its OPD accomplice. Alpharetta, GA based iWork Technologies is a pioneer in offering OPD services that contains all the essential components that the today's leaders and firms want.
iWorkTech is an outsourced product development services provider specialized in offshore outsourcing for small and medium businesses and start-ups. The organization is contained with team and associates who have experience in creating and upgrading products for several industry verticals ranging from financial, insurance and banking services to healthcare, education, and utilities. The company also has been on the front line of cloud computing. It has developed solutions on cloud in Utility and Education industry by leveraging their in-depth understanding of the underlying cloud computing technologies, with a solid SaaS engineering establishment. Utility, Health care and Education are the three sectors where iWorkTech has embedded their focus the most as they are minimum recession influenced verticals.
The development process starts with conducting research and gathering vital information regarding the domain of the client. The research begins with conceptualization, and refinement of the product idea, followed by advancement and implementation of the product, and establishment of software support structure in the market. Knowing the market and customer's needs allows the engineers to develop the tool that can help their clients leap frog their competitors. The prepared infrastructure, proven processes and competent engineering team together gives the satisfactory jolt to the client's projects, which are then monitored by quality analysis team for continuous improvement and delivery of the defect free software. "We give our focus attention to our client's need and deliver product in the given timeframe. We believe that we grow along with our client," said Atul Gunjal, CEO and Co-Founder at iWorkTech. We focus our efforts on correct technology stack, correct team and UI/UX for the betterment of delivery. Neither of them can be neglected. Especially usability makes the product experience better. The gathered knowledge of working with multiple products has made iWorkTech a preferred choice for companies.

The Roadmap
For the next 24 months iWorkTech intends to focus on their US geographical footprint. The company is planning to increase their customer support service for the US clients in diverse time zones.

A US based CEO says " our experience with iWorkTech is extremely pleasant. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts on OPD, now it looks like we have a correct partner on whom we can bank."

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