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January - 2015 - issue > CXO View Point
Ascendancy and Adoption of Latest Technological Trends are Redefining the Outsourcing Vertical
Jeff Owens
President & COO-Advanced Technology Services
Monday, January 12, 2015
The industry of outsourcing is witnessing an unprecedented degree of streamlining, thanks to the ascent of numerous trends and noble solutions hovering in the business world today. The trend to outsource the non-core activities, being in a steady touch with the customers and accentuating on customer service, product development, and innovation are the key patterns, around which outsourcing companies are shaping their strategies.This ascendancy and adoption of latest technological trends is only going to spread its horizons in the coming years making the firms more effective and eminent.

As the outsourcing industry has outreached to technology vertical and beyond, it has become imperative for the outsourcing executives to be vigilant and rectify the challenges coming in their path, in order to be competitive and commendable. The primary challenge various leaders are subjected to in this era are uniquely individualistic. Outsourcing is a business of providing services and thus, it is about serving individuals through individuals,or providing service to customers from the workforce. These two sides of the coin are the wind beneath the wings that draws the line between a company's success and its breakdown.

When it comes to delivering an array of services, it is important that customers fathom its features intelligibly. If the products and solutions are enigmatic in nature, which makes them rigid to implement, it is up to the engineers of the outsourcing firm to redefine them at once. Customer's satisfaction is the synonym of the Holy Grail for the companies in outsourcing venture. Therefore, to cement the roots deeper into the prolific landscape, the firms have to make sure that they have a prominent system of reviewing customers every month or sooner, in some cases. It promises an establishment of enduring partnership between companies. If a company has a scintillating list of clientele, it attracts more clients as the list showcases the company's proficiency and trust accentuated by them. An outsourcing firm should also invest time in scrutinizing their imminent clients before they put forward their commitment. The factors may include congruency of culture, their reputation, their goals and expertise in their field. These factors, if taken under consideration, increase the retention rate and also assure a strong joint venture that could change the direction of tides for both the companies.

Any company, be it from outsourcing vertical or other, is only as good as its workforce. A lot of capital is invested and leveraged by the firms in order to recruit, retain, and train the employees to enhance the firm's productivity and expand their expertise into new spheres.

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