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WhiteHedge Technologies Bringing an Objective Eye to every Engagement
SI Team
Monday, January 12, 2015
Outsourcing product development (OPD) is proving to be a sensible strategy for staying ahead of the competition and ensuring timely product releases. Its adoption has enabled numerous large enterprises and small sized companies to attain better quality products at minimal prices, higher business flexibility, and has rectified the need of having talent in multiple platforms. For a long time, firms across geographies have seen this trend developing commendably in the software industry, and now the trend is crossing over to a broader realm of other verticals as well.
New Jersey based WhiteHedge, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with global presence, is playing an important role in the up-scaling of the OPD domain. Since its inception, WhiteHedge has aligned all its resources, infrastructure, knowledge, and processes with a focus to allow its customers to leverage the attributes of OPD. The workforce of the company is comprised of talented individuals who understand the changing nature of tools and technologies as it is an imperative factor in fulfilling the requirements of the customers in the area of product development. In order to move toe to toe with the dynamics of today's business, WhiteHedge has successfully brought the amenities of cloud, mobile, enterprise and social technologies within its walls to deliver the most adequate products and create the most satisfied clients.
WhiteHedge is a company that has its roots embedded deep into the product development and software engineering. "We started as a product company with vision of creating most innovative and industry-changing products," explains Abhijit Joshi, founder and CEO at WhiteHedge Technologies. "In 2005 we launched a very innovative product containerized cargo space, cenTTra and eventually spun cenTTra into a successful enterprise, cenTTra solutions. Portable Storage Systems, EOS Ltd. are other examples from this success story. We have repeated building successful product from an idea and turning it into a successful business."
The product development process starts with understanding the vision, values and goal of the client followed by building the team and delivering the vision with time-bounded, fixed budget product. WhiteHedge, during its course has developed over 30 live products for various customers across the globe. Along with this, there is a plethora of other differentiating elements as well, such as sheer focus, agility, and technological expertise, together which has proffered WhiteHedge competitive edge over others. Here the QA team also makes the company unique. It ensures that at every step of product development, the vision of the client always remains the central aspect of the process. The QA team also consists of a "Client's Advocate" whose job is to make sure client's interests are preserved and the promised value is delivered under decided time frame.

Strategizing for the Future
WhiteHedge believes in keeping a long term relationship with their customers and to do it efficiently the company has over five ODC's running to better serve the international clients. In an effort to extend the footprint across other areas of the map, WhiteHedge is planning to start three new ODC's in the year 2015, which will have lock-in periods ranging from 2.5 to four years with an average team size of 25-60 engineers.

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