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Karsun Solutions Remake Enterprise. Defy Assumptions and Tradeoffs
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Organizational size determines the speed with which it can change. Today, the Federal government has grown so complex that enabling them to embrace the latest technologies and tools continues to be a major challenge. The Federal government yearns to accelerate the adoption of innovations and accommodate changes to their business processes and systems in an agile fashion. Coming to the aid of these federal agencies is Herndon, VA based Karsun Solutions, established in 2009 with a sole purpose of optimizing processes, modernizing IT and facilitating change. Karsun has employed these three facets in all their projects, which has empowered them to garner credibility and trust from various big players.
As the unprecedented degree of competition is on its way to the crest, Karsun has successfully accentuated itself by following the virtues on which the company was founded. The first differentiating factor is its unique innovation driven culture. "At Karsun, we are making innovation our explicit focus. We established Karsun Innovation Center where we provide opportunities and resources for our team to experiment with innovations to solve even the most disconcert problems of the clients. Our employees are strongly encouraged, supported and rewarded for bringing innovation in everything they do," explains Sundar Vaidyanathan, Co-Founder& Chief Executive Officer. The second differentiating factor is its ability to defy assumptions and trade offs that will otherwise pose constraints in terms of optimizing solutions. "We challenge our employees to seek deeper understanding of customer's environment and explore non-traditional approaches to construct solutions using emerging innovations in the market place," adds Kartik Mecheri, Co-Founder & Chief Architect. The third differentiating factor is their attitude, ability and institutionalized knowledge on preemptively addressing risks even before they materialize. While solutioning, Karsungoes through a systematic process to identify a set of comprehensive what-if scenarios to uncover risks and identify detailed mitigation steps early-on. These factors have helped them to secure two major wins ($100m+) with the Federal government.

Full Spectrum Delivery of Services
Karsun provides a full range of IT services encompassing strategy through implementation. IT Strategy portfolio includes Enterprise Architecture and IT Modernization Advisory & Planning services. Business Transformation portfolio comprises Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Business Process Management (BPM) and Training Design, Development and Delivery. Cloud Platforms portfolio consists of cost-effective services to develop and host cloud based applications that are scalable, secure and highly available on Salesforce, Appian, Google, AWS and Microsoft. Software Development and O&M portfolio includes agile development, DevOps, information assurance and IT service management based on their proprietary "GoLean" methodology. Business Analytics portfolio enables organizations to make sense of information in the context of their business for smarter and faster decision making. Finally, Delivery Management portfolio spans the management lifecycle from program/project initiation to close-out. The core values behind their service offerings are to ensure rapid development of new IT capabilities, increased efficiency in IT operations and reduced business risk associated with IT.

The Path Ahead
In the immediate future, Karsun is planning to grow organically within federal sector by winning and delivering similar programs that will entail enterprise modernization efforts. For the long-term, the company aims to expand their horizontal capabilities such as Open Source offerings, Mobility and Big Data, and start targeting commercial customers. These expanded service offerings and their deep technology partnerships with WSO2, Appian, Salesforce, Amazon, Google and SAP are expected to fuel their growth for the long haul.
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