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embedUR Delivering the Expertise and Acument for Quality Product Development in Wireless, Access, Switching and Mobile
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Embedded technology is evolving rapidly. At the blink of an eye, there is a faster chipset, a smarter CPU and greater product complexity. Telecom product revamp and churn moves extremely fast and equipment vendors need to address these ever shortening product cycles. Unless one focuses on engineering solutions exclusively, it is impossible to keep up.

Fortunately for companies in this race, Fremont based embedUR exclusively focuses on this issue. embedUR was born from the vision of a group of engineering professionals with a singular focus: to deliver the expertise and services necessary for quality product development in the embedded systems market. "We specialize in the bottom of the stack" - porting all types of Real Time OSs to multi-core CPUs and optimizing drivers, along with control and data plane to deliver cost effective and high performance solutions that are fast, functional, easy to maintain and adaptable to the future," says Rajesh C. Subramaniam, CEO & Founder of embedUR. "We are a better solution, because there is no guesswork," he adds.

The company focuses on four main pain points: wireless, access , switching and mobile.
Since 2004, embedUR has undertaken more than 75 major wireless projects for many of the leading companies in the Enterprise WLAN market, developing everything from WLAN Controllers, Access Points and CAPWAP stacks, to providing sustaining engineering on existing product lines and carrying out pre-certification testing on a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices.
Their deep experience in telecommunications, DOCSIS and unified communications technologies has led them to develop a wide range of gateways and CPE for a variety of business and residential applications. The company's experience in switching, routing and optical networking combined with exceptionally deep understanding of real-time operating systems, multi-core processors and distributed system architectures, makes them experts in delivering products, new platforms and optimizing data and control plane performance.

Their understanding of different processor cores including the likes of ARM and other multi-core processor platforms, combined with extensive knowledge of communication protocols and network security, enables the company to develop secure, highly efficient, small-footprint code for a variety of mobile applications.

The trick up their sleeve to lower risk, reduce cost, conserve engineering bandwidth and get products and projects delivered on time during the process is the amount of expertise that the team brings in. The company takes as much ownership of projects as the client wants them to and sets clear expectations and sticks to them. This helps to keep the clients' engineering teams focused on the mission critical projects that depend on their core competencies.

A testament to their success is the story of a leading player in the wireless LAN market, who needed to upgrade its WLAN controller portfolio with new platforms targeting different segments of the Enterprise WLAN market. embedUR was engaged to help accelerate time to market, because of their extensive experience with different multi-core processors, wireless chipsets and reference designs, and with porting WLAN software to them. The result was the client being able to realize substantial COGs savings and increased profitability.
The company currently has offices in Fremont, Chicago and in India. In the near future, the self funded company plans to cross pollinate its wireless expertise with other sectors like automobile and healthcare and match its product revenue stream with its service revenue stream with the eventual goal of attaining an IPO.

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