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November - 2013 - issue > Top 25 IT Services Companies
Avani Providing Customized Software Solutions to clients
SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
The lesson today for CIOs is that there is no need to purchase a major suite of package software when only a small part of it is required. Most enterprises are keen to control and govern the software content - apps and add-ons - from which their employees, administrators, or subsidiaries can choose. Catering to this demand for customized software solutions, Avani Technology Solutions is offering software development and custom software solutions in the areas of Mobility, SaaS delivered Enterprise Applications on Cloud, Security testing and ERP solutions. Headquartered in New York, the company is certified as 'Oracle Platinum Partner', 'Microsoft Certified Partner', and SAP Mobile Apps Global Partner through its India subsidiary. It is a self- funded company that was founded in 2008 by Sameer Penakalapati.

Avani is positioned in three business verticals, which are: IT Consulting, Outsourcing, and Product Development."Avani operates uniquely in these verticals addressing the key industry challenges, with outcome-based value sourcing model" says Penakalapati. The IT consulting services of the company not only provide technical resources to clients but also guarantee outcome by working with client project managers in right-sourcing. The outsourcing services division helps clients deliver cutting-edge technology projects on outcome-based cost model, which not only helps Avani to deliver project on-time and on-budget but also delivers a value sourcing by understanding client business. Avani has a product showcase established on an open-source platform, mobility platform and on legacy enterprise systems. The flagship product of the company, CEIPAL (www.ceipal.com), is developed on an open source platform combined with both mobility and legacy enterprise systems. CEIPAL is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based delivery model that simplifies human resource management functions at a low cost. The CEIPAL has various suites of products such as

TalentHire, Workforce, Customers, Suppliers, EverifyPlus and Document Management solution.
TalentHire is an advanced tool in the industry to automate recruitment lifecycle from requisition to on-boarding process. Workforce is the complete self managed portal that automates various functions such as Timesheets, Expenses, Leave Management, Asset provisioning, Employee profile and self service portal. Customers system keeps all the customer details, business growth statistics, project details, and list of resources working with the customer. Suppliers system tracks all the suppliers, measure supplier performance, and supplier resources working on the project. EverifyPlus is a system which keeps track of employee authorization, work visa tracker, and green card tracker while Document Management is an integrated document management solution which allows users to store, share, and retrieve documents with built-in workflow system.

Avani aims to strengthen its product base in Enterprise Cloud, helping customers run their business anywhere. The company wishes to enhance its services portfolio with innovative cost models, risks-sharing, and product innovations.

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