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MangoSense Pvt Ltd Making learning an engaging, enriching and fun-filled experience
SI Team
Thursday, November 14, 2013
The schools and parents of today demands for fresh interactive, engaging and fun content with a goal of providing a better learning experience. Hence, today's contemporary children have to be engaged by using videos, quizzes, games, animation, audios, collaboration, sharing and discussions to make learning an engaging, enriching and fun-filled experience. Founded in 2012, MangoSense Pvt. Ltd with its branch office in Long Island City bridges this present need by building an ecosystem where publishers, authors, educators, instructors and content curators can come together and build better content collaboratively focusing on their strengths.
"The enterprise achieves this through the development of platforms ranging from children\'s digital publishing, app production, and online media to interactive storybooks in providing a better learning experience," says Jagdish Repaswal, founder & CEO of MangoSense Pvt. Ltd.

Learning Made Easy

MangoSense's flagship product called Mangoreader offers a learning space that encourages creativity, individuality and self-regulated learning for children from Pre-K to 8th grade. The Mangoreader platform allows fostering of emotional intelligence and inculcates values, stories that are fun to read and enable language learning. It also has integrated Interactive games and activities based on storybooks to reinforce learning. Hosting books in more than seven international languages with stories in a variety of themes including moral values, humor, adventure, nature, festivals and the like; Mango books are compatible on multiple platforms both online and offline through iPad and iPhone, Android tablets and phones as well as windows based laptops and desktops.
Other than Mangoreader, the MangoEditor platform lets anyone make interactive stories in a few minutes and is becoming one of the world\'s fastest-growing story platforms. The application used by teachers to design questions, quizzes and worksheets within minutes through games and curriculum aligned learning materials giving educators an edge in personalizing the learning experience for every child.
These two platforms give users the macro perspective of the consumers through analytics and dashboards. All of which is done in the purpose to monitor reading patterns, progress and performance of every child as well as the feature in identifying the gaps in skills and abilities and consequently adapt learning materials to suit individual needs.

Jewels in the Crown

Jewels in MangoSense's crown include its flagship product being named as one of the top 5 innovative startups by CONTEC at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013. The enterprise further received NASSCOM Social innovation Honors award for outstanding innovation in ICT 2013. Recently, MangoReader is selected as the best educational app for the future of learning by Intel.

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