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MindMatrix Integrating Sales and Marketing through Automation
SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
The three key challenges that businesses with channel partners usually face involve enabling the channel partners to market their brand without distortion, the inability to measure the effectiveness of the marketing investment made on or by their channel marketers and the inability to get their messages out on time and to a wide audience. Marketing automation can help businesses tackle these challenges by brand management, spreading the word and measuring the marketing investment. Playing in this is Pittsburgh based, MindMatrix a provider of marketing automation software for the businesses. Its B2B marketing automation tools help businesses improve their marketing efficiency and sales effectiveness by bringing about sales and marketing alignment into their processes.

The problem which most of the manufacturers are facing is that they do not have a clear communication with the channel partners. They know how to sell their products but they do not have effective ways to communicate. The challenge for the manufacturers is to personalize the marketing and sales assets with their own branding standards. This is where marketing automation comes into play. The marketing automation software from MindMatrix enables clients to personalize all kinds of assets. It is a form of distributed marketing or de-centralized marketing. When it comes to marketing automation, there are several media which come together to form a complete online marketing platform. "We are the only company that offers print, email, social and all other media combined in one box and extends that capability all the way to the channel partners or franchisees," says Harbinder Khera, CEO, MindMatrix.

One of the major tasks for the manufacturers is providing leads to sales, making sure that the leads are provided to sales people which are sales-ready-leads and what to do with that lead. That is where most of the products stop and that is where MindMatrix takes over and helps the sales person to be effective. MindMatrix's marketing automation tools include tools for lead generation, lead scoring, e-mail marketing, demand generation, marketing collateral creation, personalized marketing, lead prospecting and partner resource management. When it comes to marketing automation, MindMatrix caters to a host of business lines including real estate, insurance, finance, manufacturing, retail, hi-tech, advertising & design firms and many more.

The focus on both sales and marketing aspects of the business, ensuring a seamless integration of these two functions, sets the MindMatrix platform apart from other marketing automation software providers. MindMatrix is looking forward to working with other businesses that have channel needs, both locally and nationwide and it has ramped-up its sales team to deal with the high demand these new offerings are sure to generate.

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