Y-Axis: Staunchly Glowing on the Pillars of Hope, Integrity & Gratitude

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
Being one of world's most sought after talents,more than 70 percent (316,000) of the H-1B petitions approved by USCIS belong to Indians. Over half of them receive a green card and settle with a higher household income. But don't mistake that the path is paved with flowers. The migration process is a labyrinth of constantly changing visa rules & regulations, hefty paperwork and myriad of pitfalls. Hypnotised by the enormous cost-benefit ratio, many people blindly fall prey to crooked immigration consultants and get looted abroad due to lack of transparent consulting and proper guidance. Forged a stellar reputation as India's top Immigration & Visa consultant,with a success fee based service Y-Axis Oversees Careers has been simplifying the complexities since 1999 owing to it shighly experienced consultants who identify the best opportunities and handhold the client from inquiry to relocation.

Y-Axis assists anyone seeking to work, study, visit, migrate or invest abroad by offering various visas, admissions, job search, counseling products for U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Being a one-stop-shop for all-overseas career needs of an individual, the company has over 300 products ranging from PR application to resume writing, air ticketing and accommodation overseas.The company handles every aspect of a client's journey and offers simple yet useful services akin to concierge services, which takes care of notarization to find a long-term accommodation abroad.

As an innovative leader with a pulse on immigration and overseas career opportunities in the world, Y-Axis is constantly evolving itself. The company has left its mark in the industry by offering robust, flexible and scalable solutions to its clients."Our counseling is free, our technical evaluation is nominal and our full service is success fee based. Our customers know they are getting value for money and happy with our clear-cut agreement," replies Xavier Augustin, Founder & CEO, Y-Axis Oversees Careers,when asked how the company's services enable diverse group of individuals to travel overseas easily.

India's Largest User of Salesforce.com

Y-Axis harnesses bleeding-edge technologies to ensure utmost stability, transparency, efficiency and customer centricity. For instance, it uses the advanced cloud technology - Saleforce.com to deliver outstanding customer service to thousands of customers who approach it for counseling and services. In fact, Y-Axis is one of the largest users of Salesforce.com in India and has been using it since 2009.

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