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BMGI India: Rejuvenating Business Performance

si Team
Monday, February 1, 2016
si Team
Discovery Health, one of the largest health insurance company wanted to fortify their sustainable growth and their high level of customer service by formalizing its approach to problem solving and equip management at all levels. After investigation, they chose Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI), a global management consulting services firm, as their partner because of its world class expertise on enabling a self sufficient culture of operational excellence using techniques such as Lean Six Sigma. With Discovery Health getting substantial results on their operational excellence journey, BMGI ensured that the faith reposed by Discovery Health in it was not misplaced and that theyhad indeed made the best choice!

Headquartered in Longmont, BMGI was incorporated in 1999 by David Silverstein (Global CEO) with the mission to solve critical business problems of their clients and delivering tangible results. With success after success demonstrated on challenging problems at various clients, there was substantial interest in BMGI services leading to setting up 13 offices in just about three yearstimeframe including BMGI India in Mumbai by early 2002.

Running on the philosophy of continuous evolution of their professionals, products and services based on business landscape ensures BMGI's offerings are best-in-class. The company keeps track of trends and market forces that affect businesses and work to design solutions/upgrade them that will assist clients mitigate current and future challenges. "To ensure that we are able to capture the insights from across geographies, BMGI Leaders from our offices across the globe get together at least once a year to develop and upgrade our services," explains Naresh T Raisinghani, CEO & Executive Director, BMGI India.

Over a period of time, BMGI has progressed and their very first offering of Six Sigma services has evolved into Lean Six Sigma offerings under their Operational Excellence services, which enables organizations to address both speed and variation related problems.

Creating Operational Excellence

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