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Vijith Sivadasan: An Agile Entrepreneur

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
Entrepreneurship demands a myriad of skillsets, one has to juggle between an individual with an idea to a manager, strategist, team builder, and eventually a leader capable of scaling heights. Vijith Sivadasan, Co-Founder of Codelattice Digital Solutions shares how he quickly untrained and retrained himself to think like his customer and build an agile business model.

Executing a Clear Vision
Vijith had an early exposure, thanks to his stint at family business. He realized at the onset of his technology career how it can transform businesses at an incredible speed. He combined his business acumen and curiosity to see the divide between legacy businesses and new age business model. The inception of Codelattice, an innovation agency that offers out of the box solutions, was the result of his enthusiastic co-founders and a zealous team.

Supported by six Centers of Excellence, the offices in Dubai and Calicut focus on Creativity, Business Intelligence and Mobile Applications development. The Skopje COE in Macedonia crafts unique user experiences in IoT development and strategies for implementation. The Mumbai COE crafts content strategies to explore new realms in digital marketing. Futura Labs, a recent addition to their innovation portfolio, focuses on research in OOX, new media and other emerging technologies. "Inspired by a clear vision, competent partners and a great team, this journey has been a challenging yet fulfilling learning experience," proclaims Vijith.

Besides promoting continuous learning, Vijith encourages free flow of ideas within his team to bring about further inception & innovation. The key learning's from Codelattice have been amalgamated into AV2, a technology incubator founded with the sole purpose of fostering young technology startups to show case sustainable growth and charter them through turbulent times, seeding promising business ideas.

His vision is further motivated by the current scenario that has seen an unprecedented growth in technology start-ups and product landscape making India the 4th largest start-up hub in the world. Decoding some of the critical takeaways for the entrepreneurial community, Vijith suggests to turn your shortcomings into strengths, ensure a strong foundation, in your belief, methodology and practice, know your money, and adapt & manage change effectively.

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