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Sameer Grover: Chiselling the New-Age Entrepreneurship with Innovations

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
With the resurgence in the entrepreneurial activities, the new generation have indeed established a new norm by challenging the traditional, creativity-curbing job roles and following their dreams - either after their education or by quitting the luxuries of a comfy job. Sameer Grover, the Founder & CEO of Crownit - a Local deal discovery and cashback platform - is yet another exemplary of such breed. After years of serving large enterprises as well as small & medium cloud telephony businesses in U.S. and India, Sameer sensed immense opportunity in the burgeoning sector of products in India, which in turn acted as a catalyst in launching the revolutionary app.

"My endeavour in life has always been to create great prop-ups which people can use almost every day and Crownit is a contrivance of this endeavour," proclaims Sameer. But the initial journey was not as rosy as now. As a novice in the business, Sameer coupled with a few biggies in the industry and pushed the company to the start line of the big race. His perseverance, diligence and strong support from his family and his employees, helped him to transform Crown IT into a venture, which seized a 6+ lakh user base and over 10000 listed local merchants in its brace, within a year. While he passionately works towards perfection, he also considers it as a weakness as it often lures him to obsess unnecessarily.

Advocating Creativity
Sameer always found his creativity being put behind bars while working for others. Being a creative soul, he always pondered seeing people smile and creating jobs for youths. Surpassing these, Sameer has spawned an organization where souls are set free to create a better product for the clients. "Talking to lot of experts guided me on how to make a great business," asserts Sameer. As an avid reader, fiction and philosophical books helped Sameer get clarity of thought and deliver stronger results. He has created an informal, open-door policy where employees are welcomed to share their creative thoughts.

For workaholic Sameer, the line between work and home is blurred. Today, most of his time goes in creating what he dreamt of. While his family understands this and supports him in all his endeavours, Sameer has ensured complete freedom to his kids to follow their own dreams as he did.

While starting the day fresh with Yoga, getting his twin daughters ready for the school and then spending rest of his day at the office making the product better everyday gist up his routine. He spends his free time at the NGO which he is a part of or travelling to his other offices or sometimes abroad. Amongst all, Door County and Michigan Lake of North America, Germany, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Banaras of India are his favourite destinations. "I believe my keen interest in exploring places and meeting new people assists me in moulding my venture according to the global developments," cites Sameer.

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