CEO: Chief Executive Officer or Chief Everything Officer

Sambit Mishra, Project Manager Mobile Apps, Intelliwins
Monday, December 28, 2015
Sambit Mishra, Project Manager Mobile Apps, Intelliwins
Running a startup is great; and starting a web development startup from a very modest budget (if 10k is even eligible to be called as modest) sounds like a interesting subject. If you add pain points of a B-tier city, then this would be a perfect ingredient for a bestseller inspirational book. But this is not always a cake walk; believe me, I have lived it.

Whenever someone like a fresh engineering grad comes to me and asks for a suggestion to start a company, my answer is don't do that. Don't spoil your career. Someone once said that nine out of ten business startups are unsuccessful. If he/she has that fire inside, then even after my suggestion he will follow his dreams. In this way I am also doing an initial filtering to find the serious candidates who can really have a chance to get success and start that one in a ten company.

Job is a temporary solution to a permanent problem; Startup is a temporary problem with a permanent solution. I have chosen the latter. It is not like I have tasted success in my first venture, I am no Mark Zukerberg. Before starting Intelliwins, I have come from two unsuccessful ventures. Even unceremoniously ousted from the later (partially successful) company. Two things that drove me through this turbulent time were my confidence and persistence. My suggestion to everyone who are trying start or already started a startup venture is always have faith in yourself and push through to achieve your dream . Even if you taste failure in some of your honest efforts don't break down; push through it. It is not a failure, it is just a learning opportunity. Next time try to put better efforts and as anyone can say, nothing is unachievable.

Take my example for instance; I have come from a very small town. My studies till my higher secondary are through Odia medium school. I have done my B.Tech from a B-tier city (No IVY League involved). Initial Capital investment: My Dreams. I am also not free from expectation of my parents. The interesting part is in first two ventures, I have not spent a single rupee to start, but I have been able to convince some investor to invest in my idea. I am not a good sales person and still count me as a technical person. It is my excitement when explaining my idea to them that is good enough to convince them.

For a startup venture, especially IT service related startup, there is a no role for a CEO. For a day you can be a Coder, Business Development guy, HR manager, Online Marketing, Hardware Networking guy or a Office attendant. You can be anything but not a Chief Executive Officer. You will be a Chief Everything Officer because when things go out of control, you need to address that. So, I personally feel there would be no role for a CEO in any IT service startup.

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