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Gopalakrishnan: An Entrepreneur 'Chasing value, not valuation'

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
Entrepreneurship is not just about having a unique idea but the almost obsessive passion to single-mindedly pursue visions especially when others think you are chasing shadows. Statistics dictate that only 10 percent of all startups reach their full potential. The underlying traits for such successes include passion, determination, openness to taking risks, learning from failure, thirst for knowledge and effective selling to name a few. The innate ability to withstand a plethora of hardships, myriad challenges, tremendous pressure, strenuous exertions and sleepless nights with the constant risk is inextricably linked to the path of success.

The major factors for the success of a startup include a viable business model, far sightedness, clear value proposition, timing, agility, market understanding, funding, and sustenance of disruptive approaches. Gopalakrishnan V, Founder & Chairman of Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Founder & CEO of Ad2Pro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., pioneered the digital content & creative services industry in India.

In an era where the notion of an indigenous start-up was relatively nascent, he envisioned the idea to create a niche through "digitization of content and preservation of intellectual heritage". Furthermore, he was instrumental in convincing global media houses of its importance long before access & distribution of digital content became an intrinsic part of daily life. Gopal's belief that 'content is king' and 'staying ahead of the curve' made him one of the most dynamic & successful entrepreneurs.

Transforming Businesses
Gopal is a visionary and an entrepreneur with an insatiable drive to facilitate disruptive innovation. He has more than three decades of experience in the media industry and in building, managing & leading multiple organizations including start-ups. Under his leadership, Ninestars grew exponentially and is now the world's leading technology-driven digital content solutions company. It is also the #1 offshore global media monitoring service provider. Ad2pro too has emerged as a leading offshore creative services company, not just in saving costs but setting trends in digital services.

Gopal remarks, "While we are proud of our accomplishments spanning nearly two decades, we still have a long journey ahead of us. I believe that staying ahead of the curve is the only way to remain leaders and is imperative to the success of any business". Gopal believes that the biggest mistake any entrepreneur makes is dealing with a single-customer. Through his experiences, this veteran admonishes budding entrepreneurs from such dependencies. "Leaders learn from failures, take risks, are agile, forward-thinking, adopt disruptive approaches and thereby transform businesses". He understands the struggle of an entrepreneur, guides them and enables start-ups to get Seed and Series-A round of funding, playing a significant role as a catalyst in impacting businesses across India.

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