Cyber Security is Everyone's Responsibility

Rajeev Konduri (Founder & CEO) and Sadvik Konjerla (Co- Founder & HR), VR Cyber Security
Monday, December 28, 2015
Rajeev Konduri (Founder & CEO) and Sadvik Konjerla (Co- Founder & HR), VR Cyber Security
With an initiative to develop INDIA in the field of Information Technology, the government has started 'DIGITAL INDIA' initiative. With the development of IT in the country, the need for IT Security also emerges. IT Security involves Internet Security, Network Security, Information Security, Mobile Security, Computer Security, Application Security and many more technical aspects. Many top graded countries are already ahead in the field of Cyber Security. Now it's our turn to take care and develop our nation as an equal among other countries. In the recent days, cyber crime in our country has been going viral. Cyber Security is very much necessary for the servers of IT companies, small scale industries, Government and Educational Institutions. So, the citizens of the country need to develop individuality and protect themselves from these kind of social and cyber attacks.

Most of the countries have their cyber army ready to defend and protect their countries. INDIA should also develop professional cyber warriors and these warriors should be a part of every IT & Government company. The cyber army should help in recognizing different types of risks that exist in the online space. It's a well known fact that by 2020, India will be the only country to have majority of its population as youngsters. So, if these youngsters gain good knowledge relating to Cyber Security, the vision of the country will grow much stronger.

In a recent research, it has been proved that Cyber crime has cost Rs. 82,600 crores in our country in 2015. There is a need to implement the use of best class firewalls to safe guard the companies from becoming victims to security breaches. For protecting ourselves from these kinds of cyber attacks, we need to know few important things. One must know the importance of original Operating System and should stop using the pirated versions available in the market. The original operating systems receive time to time updates from its manufacturers and help us from being affected by cyber attacks. The updates are released to fix and patch-up the vulnerabilities in the software. Usage of the pirated version of operating systems and softwares increase the risk of hacking. Before downloading applications and other softwares, we better make sure that the sites or the publishers are secure. When we enter personal information like credit/debit card details, make sure that the link runs with (https) and the payment gateway used is mostly a branded one, or at least of a reputed bank.

There have been many instances which involved scammers publishing their fake applications into the Google Play store posing to be a popular app. These applications, once downloaded to your mobile or PC, may compromise your device. Your device may be used by the hacker in some kind of cyber attack without your knowledge. We better use the purchased versions of Antivirus and Smart security softwares to protect ourselves from being a victim of such kinds of attacks. Patch files and keys giving us a higher validity are not real and these are developed by the hackers to fool the users. In reality, none of the manufacturers of Antivirus and internet security release activation key with such higher validity. Everyone should make sure that their computers have the personal Firewall either the built-in windows firewall or the one received with original Antivirus/Smart Security turned on. This helps you in safeguarding your device from DOS, DDOS attacks and also prevents the hacker from creating backdoors.

To protect your network from cyber attacks, it is recommended that every small or large scale companies have Network based mitigation such as installation of IDS/IPS with the ability to track the flood of packets received. Install a firewall and configure it as the gateway for inflow and outflow of packets in the network. Monitor the server and maintain checklists to update and control the packet traffic. In many cases it has been noticed that the employees of the company directly/indirectly are the main cause for the cyber security risk. Clicking the spam links in e-mail or social sites is helping the hackers gain access to internal network of the company. To prevent this kind of problems, every company should create an internal policy which safeguards their network. Every company should have a certified Network Engineer/Ethical Hacker to maintain their Network and Firewall. The Website of the company, Mail Server and the Network must to be regularly checked for any kind of vulnerabilities and fixed them immediately by a professional.

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