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Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu: From an Under-performer to a Revolutionary Entrepreneur

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
Walt Disney was reportedly fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination and creativity. Fred Smith's concept of federal express was initially marked to be 'interesting, but unfeasible' by his professor. To list out, there are many famous names who are part of such aforementioned stories. But, as they say, 'It does not matter how deep you fall, what matters is how high you bounce back'. The entrepreneurial journey of Ramaprasanna (Ram) Chellamuthu - an inventor and developer- is no different.

This technology professional quit his fun role of Evangelist in one of the biggies of the world, post a project failure. "I was charged to be not passionate about the technology product. I was awarded an under performer rating and my work-from-home privilege was cancelled. I then questioned myself - Technology is my passion. How can I be an under performer in my passion?" Ram recollects. He took this as a challenge and decided to build a company that endows the bliss of working from home through its software breakthroughs, so as to reinforce the real essence of the overlooked facility. Calicom is one of such contrivances of his decision. As the torchbearer of the household name in Silicon Valley, which is celebrated for its cloud-based collaboration technology, he spearheads the team responsible for developing, marketing and supporting 'Board' technology, a software that empowers teams to interface seamlessly, irrespective of the countries they are located in.

Rising Above the Challenges
When plunged into the realm, Ram was exposed to the harsh reality of the most-hyped lifestyle. Apart from the limited money and such other usual crunches, he was also confined by the people who doubted his capabilities. However, the comments could not shrink him down as he firmly believed that saying 'it's not possible' does not define him, rather it only shows the commentator's limitations. On the other side, he is also thankful to the angel investors who helped him to navigate the business by infusing around Rs.3.2 crores till date.

While he adores the legal system of U.S., which unconditionally nurtures long-term entrepreneurship, he also wishes India to own the same culture. According to him, not only the legal systems, but also the education systems should push the students to thrive in the real-world. On the other hand, he encourages people to start up and instill genuine values in their endeavors, while he also suggests them to help each other to contribute towards a better future.

Making the World a Better Place

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