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Chandrashekhar: The Entrepreneur with a Social Touch

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
An American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Men are what their mothers made them". Chandrashekhar (Founder Partner, Rajesh Rajeev & Associates) was not a born entrepreneur, but was molded since childhood by his mother to start something of his own. Chandrashekhar elucidates, "Her soul egress to paradise, but her words 'you have to become a giver, not a taker' inspired throughout the journey. Thus, I took up CA to commence my own company and provide employment to lessen the job crisis in the country".

Bringing Years of Experience to Work
This is an implausible story of a person who has experience of over 25 years in corporate advisory services, direct taxation compliance reviews & employee benefits schemes, and banking & financial services. Chandrashekhar, F.C.A., M. Com., and LL.B., runs several organizations including being a partner of Kirtane & Pandit, LLP, Fine Management Consultant and the Founder Director of Fine Support Services & Partner of Apex Solutions. He is also a successful advisor in structuring and closing the first ever Rental Securitization Deal in India and a Chairman of the Audit Committee of ICICI Investment Management Company Limited.

Leading a team isn't easy, it involves specific skills that not everybody has. Yet ingrained with the simple philosophy of giving independence to his employee, Chandrashekhar energizes with its group tenderly. He says, "Today I have assembled the most commanding team who have developed a niche for themselves; whether I am there or not, everything goes on smoothly. And I'm relaxed to take up other ventures and that is how we are progressing".

All Change Is Hard At First
"Change is the only constant thing in life but All Change is hard at First, Messy in the Middle but so Gorgeous at The End", says, Robin Sharma. An entrepreneurial journey is not a fairy tale of a pauper becoming a prince and living happily ever after. Chandrashekhar had experienced a ton of difficulties including discovering good talent and many more. He believes his greatest mistake was to sell his business (Rajesh Rajeev & Associate) to an American company which he wounded up learning. He elucidates, "I didn't realized that when you sell off a business, the new guys would want to have their own CEO and own people heading the job". However, being a person who gains from its own goof, Chandrashekhar articulates, "I have decided that I'm going to scale up my business to a great extent before I think of selling".

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