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Yogesh Huja: An Entrepreneur Driven by Passion

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
"I believe it is your past karma that let you perform the role in your present", asserts YogeshHuja to whomentrepreneurship came in baby steps. Congregated ample motivation & direction to prefer entrepreneurship, Yogesh began his entrepreneurial journey with Swaran Soft Support Solutions in 1998. Concerning his journey, he articulates, "My schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya and Sri Venkateswara College days gave me enough momentum about my passion of creating software applications for small & medium businesses". Today, a dynamic chapter member at IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai in the field of Project Management, IoT & M2M innovations, Yogesh's strongest strength is his persistence where he owns a retained business relationship with many over a decade.

Yogesh enlightens, "Data protection was the biggest pain in 2000 as we didn't had much storage options. I wrote a data recovery algorithm and started as data Recovery Company. Soon the business started shaping". However he soon realized that an entrepreneurial voyage isn't about settee of roses when he got jabbed by the thistles while serving government clients like Indian Railways, DMRC, HUDA, SCERT & many more. He further states, "Working with Government machinery can only test your capacities of patience. We have been quite successful & look forward to vital role in smart cities projects ahead in India".

The Four Standing Pillars
Finding imaginative approaches to mechanize business forms his DNA. Yogesh cracks no Sudoku yet elegant enough to make lives of clients simpler with his IT solutions. His formulation of company was based on four pillars viz Dedication - Vertical - Motive - Innovation. Today, headquartered in Gurgaon, Swaran Soft Support Solutions is a global provider of innovative solutions and capabilities to clients worldwide.

Firmly footed with a philosophy to create purpose that gives him enough adrenaline push to keep him and his team moving, Yogesh rolled out many projects under his headship where the company has full-fledged from zero to the top 20 valuable application solution providers in India. He elucidates, "In 14 years journey, we have laid down a statement: 1 Leader - 1 Direction - 1 Action. This empowers an individual, gives clarity of objective and freedom to achieve".

Unbent Legitimacy of Yogesh Huja

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