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Pramod Rao: Believing in Yourself Makes Everything Possible

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
'Anything is possible if you believe in yourself'. With these powerful words, Pramod Rao, Co-Founder & CTO, Episcale Corp. ventured into an entrepreneurial journey when he realized that his risk taking ideas did not resonate with his former employer. But unlike others, Pramod deciphered his employer's hesitation with a positive spin and optimistically set out to pursue his own ideas. Being an enthusiastic soul who trusted his ideas, creativity and innovative bent of mind, Pramod realized that the corporate setting was very limited in bringing new ways of doing business into the world. Sensing this fact, Pramod began his entrepreneurial journey in 2006 and set up Nexshore Technologies, an Enterprise Cloud Computing partner that delivers unique benefits to their Clients.

With a Mechanical Engineering B.Tech from IIT, Kanpur and MS in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Utah State University, Pramod is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in development and management of products and services. Highly proficient in the hi-tech sphere, Pramod is also a co-founder and CTO of the nine-month old Cloud-based B2B SaaS firm - Episcale Corporation. Today, the company offers the finest cloud-based software application eFreight360 eAWB and eFreight360 TMS amongst others. Episcale is backed by former American Airlines Executives and is getting a lot of attention in the Air Freight Industry.

Challenges Make Life Interesting
'Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful'. This citation flawlessly reflects the entrepreneurial voyage of Pramod as he confronted immeasurable number of challenges since the initial days, starting from convincing logistics players to scaling up to finding the right fit to running a niche SaaS product. Truly believing in a happy, productive workforce and the importance of organizational culture, Pramod encourages his employees and offers all sort of solutions and ownership in terms of their development. Under his leadership, the organization's potential is documented by Red Herring as one of the most innovative and promising technology companies globally.

Family Comes in All Shapes and Sizes
Unlike most entrepreneurs, Pramod is an exceptionally private individual with many pursuits outside of Hi-Tech. He acknowledges no role models or philosophy in his successes since he constantly seeks to innovate. He articulates, "The ideas to create change in this world and the word 'satisfaction' had driven my entrepreneurial spirit". Preferring to stay at home and his offices rather than travel, Pramod is a straight-forward and down to earth person who adores his family. His love of art and keen interest in exploring cultural, historical, or scientific achievements draws him to different cultures, and may spend all day in a museum or gallery than indulge in long inactive holiday retreats.

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