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Ushering the Next Wave of Intelligence Capable Structures to Capture Data

Aman Walia
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Aman Walia
Headquartered in California, Mezzure.com is a data analytics solutions provider. The Mezzure.com platform offers industry first complete stack of data to end Analytics and delivers very quick deployments over unstructured data, quicker analytics and hypothesis testing over large data for quicker decision values across a rapidly expanding client base.

There is a drastic need to control data (which is becoming more 'dynamic and distributed') to generate insights with fast turnarounds and for organizations to tap on the need for harnessing data which is both structured & unstructured. It further branches out for an inherent need for undirected data mining to find unexpected patterns in complex, big data sets as well as integrated technology stacks. Companies no longer want to pay for Systems Integration & incur additional effort and enhanced TCO's and also delve in to deeper insights needing complex mathematical models

Graph Databases: Brain like Functionality

The industry in the next few years would move away from relational technologies towards more intelligence capable structures like graph databases. Graph databases store data the same way a brain does, through nodes and edges. Entities such as people, metrics, and objects as nodes are connected to each other through relationships as edges. This makes 'pattern recognition' much faster, and retrieval times are seen as '10-1000x' faster than Relational technologies. A huge body of knowledge like clustering algorithms and apps will be developed on graph databases.
Contemporary challenges that entrepreneurs share would include convictions about the potential of a 'cubeless, graph databased' platform which is proven through projects with clients of varying sizes & across verticals. Secondly, the challenge is to convince decision makers (CXO's) to move away from the Relational/OLAP platform to a 'Graph based' structure. This challenge exists since Relational/OLAP is deeply embedded within client organizations, and "thought leadership" is needed to make those fundamental shifts in the way data is stored.

Leveraging Complete Stack of Data to End Analytics

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