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WinWire Technologies: Adding Agility in the Enterprise Mobility Space

SI Team
Monday, April 7, 2014
SI Team
Enterprises are in dire need of being mobile and to accelerate mobile application development initiatives to serve the rapidly growing mobile market. With more and more mobile devices and OS proliferating the enterprise space, there is a rise in demand for applications that improve productivity and intelligence-on-the-go. The recent trend of re-consolidation of mobility under IT management indicates the evolving maturity of enterprise mobility as core infrastructure, essential to remaining competitive in today's global economy. However, the fact remains that enterprise mobility is still facing gaps due to Platform Fragmentation, Device Fragmentation, OS Fragmentation, Backlog of new mobile apps or enhancements, Budget Constraints and Security, Performance and Usability.

Coming to the aid of companies facing these challenges in the mobile space is WinWire Technologies which is focused on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native, HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies.Founded in the year 2007, by Ashu Goel, WinWire Technologies is a specialized IT solutions company focused on Making Information Actionable for the enterprises. "We help business and technology leaders achieve an "on-the-move" business environment by leveraging pre-built collaborative and analytic solution accelerators and cross-platform mobile technologies," adds Goel.

An All-Encompassing Approach

For enterprises looking for a comprehensive solution to enable wide-scale, mission-critical enterprise mobility, WinWire offers limitless potential to transform business, deliver faster response time, better customer service, improved productivity and increased sales. WinWire Enterprise Mobility is an all-encompassing approach to securing and enabling business workers' use of smartphones and tablets, which combines mobile advisory services, mobile application development and mobile application management.

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