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eMbience: Enabling a Holistic Approach towards Best-fit Mobile Apps

SI Team
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
SI Team
With statistics showing approximately fifty percent mobile adoption across the globe and mobile companies surfacing in large numbers, the need of the hour is for firms that help perfectly leverage the mobile technology. eMbience, a California based firm, offering a collective and unparalleled multi-platform mobility expertise fits in this mould as the ideal example. The decade old mobile apps developer is a global leader in constructing, running and distributing back-to-back eMpowered� lifestyle, entertainment and music apps, in addition to interactive promos and portals across platforms and mobile devices.

The firm, enabling a holistic approach, provides a wide range of services all under one roof, starting from preliminary consultation to the creation and distribution of apps to millions of consumers, thereby enabling unprecedented business growth. eMbience goes a step ahead in enabling business expansion through mobiles by providing the best-fit and flexible apps which are in sync with the organization's brand goals regardless of whether it is a fully HTML5, a native app, or their combination. The eMbience apps are bestowed with the potential to maximize the inherent strengths of the most used smart-phone, feature platforms and tablet. In short, eMbience offers expertise at all stages of apps development, at regional, national or international level.

For brands and agencies, eMbience provides a platter of services such as enhancing mobile presence, running mobile promotions, mobile integrated campaigns and constant connectivity, without the difficulty, risk, high price and time typically associated with the cross-platform deployment. Similarly, Operators and OEMs benefit from the scalable and verified turnkey solutions with compelling and reliable lifestyle apps, media rich campaigns, White label solutions, entirely bespokable media portal, loyalty campaigns, subscriber community portals and multi-channel social marketing.

Over the years, the firm has developed for, and partnered with and maintained exceptional relationships with many of the world's biggest mobile operators, wireless technology firms, handset manufacturers, media companies, content companies, and customer brands.

Today, eMbience, under the leadership of Nimesh Srivastava, Founder and CEO, has evolved completely from being the mobile pioneers to an international leader through the unique blend of holistic moves and capabilities, exceptional understanding on mobile branding and mobile consumer along with industry-leading proficiency enabled by seasoned and industry-recognized senior management team.

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