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Technological Orientation is Re-shaping the Pharmaceutical Research Sector

Ajit Manocha
Associate Vice President & CIO-Syngene International Ltd.
Sunday, May 4, 2014
Ajit Manocha
Established in 1994, Syngene International Ltd. is a subsidiary of Biocon (NSE: BIOCON.NS) that supports R&D projects from lead generation to clinical supplies. Headquartered in Bangalore, the research firm delivers custom research in Biology, Toxicology, Custom Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, eGMP manufacturing, Pharmacology and Analytical Development.The company has the current market cap of Rs.9,497 crore.

Several pharmaceutical companies are currently relying on outsourcing as an alternative to create expensive development strategies. The outsourcing to CROs (Contract Research Organization) can take place at any point in the R&D program. For instance, the project could be in its early stages, mid-way or awaiting clinical trials. The CROs have to continue with the research till the products desired by clients are formulated. While doing this, the major challenge that CROs face is arriving at the right research strategies, ensuring the viability of cost involved, meeting the deadlines and delivering top-quality products.

Meanwhile, the entire process requires IP Security at all levels to retain secrecy of the R&D process well-maintained for all clients. Another challenging task is to combine the commercial and scientific aspects during R&D for cost-effective and quality results.

Key Trends Influencing the Industry
Technological advancement is the critical trend impacting the pharmaceutical research sector. There is utmost focus on data configuration and security, and clients are demanding installation of specific security systems when work is outsourced. Earlier, the research activities were recorded in a physical lab notebook similar to the practical record books used in science labs. However, the modern days are heading fast towards an electronic era, and so is the R&D industry. Nowadays, the Electronic Lab Notebooks have captured the market. This electronic notebook is where every aspect in the research is recorded instantaneously, which further takes the data to the clients. Therefore, clients remain constantly updated about how the outsourced work is progressing.

With time, the focus has shifted to technological orientation of R&D from a commercial outlook, a concept that dominated the sector for a long time. The Re Laboratory Management System (RLMS) is another major factor coming up in the industry for management of Lab information.

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