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Procurator Technologies: A Real Win-Win through Collaborative Selling

Susila Govindaraj
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
In today's world, IT solution providers lure the customers with bedazzling benefits. It is too late when customers realize it is just a mirage and they got slapped with the hidden terms and conditions in times of dire need. To salvage the industry from these stereotypes, a rising 4-year old company rattled the cage by coining the term 'collaborative selling'; even when top MNCs were benighted.

Procurator Technologies, global technology solutions providers, walks with the customers all-the-way and push them to be crystal clear, even about the gray areas and surpass their expectations, rather than embellishing them with unnecessary features. They present as a one-stop-shop for the customers, thereby avoid the exhaustion of wandering for every module of service and needs. This one-stop-shop includes various products ranging from StarView Enterprise, Online Energy, SMART Connect, TRIM, and others along with services that include Software Support Services, Enterprise Solutions Implementation and Software Maintenance Services.

"Our core strength is collaboration with our associates and the credibility that we have built along with them. This has helped us convert our customers to advocates. They pleasingly refer us to their peers," says Vijay Kumar Bhakta, CEO & MD, Procurator Technologies.

Procurator's show is run by two people. Despite this, they do not restrict themselves to serve few verticals but stretch their services to many including SMEs, ERPs for hospitality management, education sector, real estate, logistics and more. They also offer consultancy to various organizations.

Though Vijay had over a decade of experience when he started Procurator Technologies in 2010 in Bangalore, establishing a company with a not so known concept was a Herculean task. Even though it took two years to get the first deal, the duo never lost their faith in an honest work process that earned them respect and trust. Their associates understood the dull market and shored up all along. Their first deal with JSS University last year, paved their way for numerous referrals to clients and it has been uphill ever since.

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