Agriya: Cloning the Next Big Idea

Pankaj Kundwani
Friday, May 2, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Some websites and apps are so addictive and infectious that we can't resist accessing them again and again. YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and WhatsApp are some of those successes that have become moneymaking machines for those innovative minds who run them. Eyeing for similar successes, many enterprises find it intricate to develop such websites from scratch that consume huge amounts of time and money. To turn their ideas into viable products, Chennai based Agriya comes as a crackerjack in clone scripting. It's a company of over 200 people who have the knack for creating clones of websites and apps which are immensely successful. "Every enterprise wishes to follow the path of those who have been able to market and validate their ideas very fast. It makes a lot of sense to apply same ideas to different markets or apply it to same market with different spices," says N.Aravind Kumar, CTO, Agriya.

Many leading e-Commerce and social networking websites in India have been inspired from the booming successful startups from the west. Founded in 2000, Agriya is adept in creating similar web products to help businesses get to market quickly. It has developed more than 2500 vivacious websites and has served many Fortune 500 companies like CISCO, Ford, Shell Oil and others. The organization has also helped many independent entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium enterprises to kick start their own niche specific websites with customization required for that vertical/demography.

Agriya is one of the pioneers in using open source platforms which notably reduces the upfront costs and eliminates licensing costs. Different open source solutions like SugarCRM, Vtiger, and shopping cart solutions like Prestashop, OpenCart may not be put to their best use without certain amount of modifications and customizations. Agriya provides customization and development services on top of these open source solutions based on varied needs of the customers and is also one of the pioneers in PHP website development and various platforms like Node.js/Rails/Python/Java/My SQL/NO SQL and others.

The company majorly focuses on three verticals namely crowd funding, crowd sourcing, and collaborative consumptions marketplaces where it creates platforms to connect buyers and sellers. It has a dedicated team which looks for the next big idea and tries to come up with a product plan that could help clients gain new heights. Witnessing great competition from China, South America and other East European countries that have market oriented education systems, Agriya strives to make sure that its talent pool is competitive enough to overcome these threats. The company today stands tall with its presence in India, and virtual sales office in U.S. and in some parts of Europe. It envisions predicting the future market and getting ready for the same in advance, and steadily intensifying its hold on other markets of the world.

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