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Halcyon Technologies: Setting the Tunes for Next-Gen Technologies

Pankaj Kundwani
Friday, May 2, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
The global automotive retail industry is certainly very huge, with a lot of inefficiencies like any other vertical. Applications prevailing in this market lacks proper systemic processes, leading to lengthy procedures which are mainly carried out by the dealers' personnel manually. These inefficiencies call for the need of effective solutions that could help the industry overcome obstructions and streamline processes with lower operational costs. Sensing the need of the hour, and aided with his technical background Kartik Kakarala started Halcyon Technologies in 2004 with a purpose to address the complications of the industry that consumed valuable time and money. Today, Halcyon Technologies is at the crest of automotive retail and also a front runner in adapting and working on cutting edge technologies.

Incepted in Hyderabad, the company currently has offices in the U.S., UK, Australia and Europe and serves clients globally. Before establishing the company in 2004, Kartik was working with Fortune 100 and Big 5 Consulting firms in the U.S. holding senior management positions. He realized that there were enormous inefficiencies in business processes that needed to be resolved for businesses to achieve utmost competitive advantage. This resulted in sowing Halcyon. Today, the company is a Global Software Solutions Company with broad range of services and products across different verticals including retail automotive industry, utilities, healthcare, banking and insurance. It is also one of the world's largest automotive inventory management companies with more than 1800 active dealers around the U.S. Its product 'RedBumper' (RB), offers a powerful inventory management, appraisal and cost analytics system on the mobile platform, so the automotive dealers have these features available to them in the field and on the go. Over the years, Halcyon has fostered and cultured the expertise in designing and developing applications that are focussed on addressing the pain points prevalent in the industry verticals.

The company takes pride in in putting together Centers of Excellence that are solely tasked with researching and adapting to technologies before they becomes the mainstream, thus providing their clients with innovative solutions. Halcyon provides consulting services and software products as solutions to help their clients gain the competitive advantage in the level playing field. "Our clients really appreciate us providing solutions that not only address the pain points of the day, but are also so forward looking that they stay relevant and address the problems that would arise in the near future. Our COEs have their ears to the ground as it relates to their corresponding industry verticals and are able to predict the most wanted features in the next generation solution with a fair degree of accuracy. Presently, we are investing into the wearable technologies and several wireless communication technologies," says Kartik Kakarala, CEO, Halcyon Technologies.

Challenges Triumphed Over
Though Kartik comes from a business family, starting something from scratch was a daunting task to say the least. The road for Halcyon was never a rosy path. From gaining clients trust &credibility to bankrolling, hiring and retaining world class talent; the company had to go through the acid test. By taking one step at a time, learning, relearning, & unlearning several things, the company was able to cross all hurdles along its way. The founders staunchly followed the path shown by their father. "There was not even a single day when we saw our father doing anything wrong to achieve big things. He showed us how to do business in the right way. Today after 10 years, we dedicate our success to our father," adds Kartik.

Growing Along with Halcyon

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