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Corporate Munim: Fitting Your Business with 'Zero Customization'

Pankaj Kundwani
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
ERP with 'Zero Customization'! Yes you got it right. While branded ERPs offer customization of their ERP products to work in unison with distinctive needs of businesses, 'Corporate Munim' a tried and tested business automation solution promises zero customization yet 100 percent successful implementation guarantee on paper. Corporate Munim can be configured as per diverse needs of the organization without needing high technical expertise. It allows the users to shape the system according to their changing necessities fitting well with organizations budget, working systems, employees' technical efficiency and business vision.

Tried and tested by over 900 customers like Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kiri Industries Ltd., Prasad Group, Rainbow Papers Ltd., Bharat Biotech and many others, Corporate Munim has been successfully implemented in different verticals like automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare & bio technologies, utilities, engineering, metal, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals & bulk drugs, electromechanical among others.

Corporate Munim is an upshot of vast amount of research put into core business areas, business processes and pain points. Over the years, it has been designed, developed and improved to be a robust product which is not just limited to a particular module but goes beyond and works as a one-stop solution for varied business needs. Like a stimulator for business efficiencies, it is a solution where one can configure the way he wants without depending on the vendor or the implementer.

The Brains Behind
As soon as Hetal Shah graduated, he started Nutec Infotech in 1991. From day one, the company has been committed to focus only on a single product i.e., Munim. 'Munim' used to be an olden day CIO to any business. He was the only source of business and financial information to the business owner. With a philosophy to build an ERP which could be as loyal as a Munim, it was named after the same. Initially Munim ran as a DOS based program, but in 1997, the company started converting the product into a GUI (Graphical User Interface) platform. Targeting to empower the corporate, the product was renamed as Corporate Munim.

Why Corporate Munim?

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