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SwaaS Systems: Translating Technology Into Business Benefits

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Studies reveal that engaging customers through trial room increases the purchasing probability of trialled item by 85 percent. But in several cases, like of a medical representative, it becomes difficult to give a hands-on trial experience to the customers before selling a product. To encounter this situation and leverage the benefit of trial and buy, SwaaS Systems, a domain-intensive sales force automation software provider founded in 2008,crafted a revolutionary software to enhance efficiency of sales & marketing teams by enriching customer's experience. While consulting for a pharmaceutical company, Anand Natraj, an IIM alumnus, perceived their dire need foruser-friendly niche solution that modernizes, monitors and streamlines sales & marketing workforces. Determined to aid them to imprint their brand's potential in doctor's mind, Anand amalgamated his deep domain expertise with right blend of cutting-edge technologies to develop HiDoctor. This world-class CRM solution married with close looped marketing enabled medical representatives to perform everything from simple activities like a daily sales reports filing to complex insight generations from web.

Success on Fast Track

Consequent to its grand response, SwaaS launched its mobile version in 2009. Chandramouli Venkatesan (COO) and Abbishek Bharadwaj (Chief Customer Relations) joined hands with Anand and employed their unique skills to generate immense visibility to SwaaS' brand, with the assistance of crores of fund from Fulcrum Ventures.In 2010, SwaaS was not only rewarded with 30 more pharmaceutical companies but was also poised as one of Asia's fastest growing company in Red Herring's survey-2011.After this, SwaaS expanded its operations panIndia and extended vertical offerings to financial services, consumer goods and real-estate.

In 2011, SwaaS built WideAngle, an app accessible through tablet. By digitalizing the product detailing process, WideAngle facilitated representatives to exceed targets and improve bottom-line by explaining brands better with good content that magnetized doctors with animation and videos, as opposed to cumbersome brochures.SwaaS' success was further fast tracked when Vijayaprasad(CTO), Magesh Ragaavan(CFO) and MS Anand(CEO-SwaaS services) came aboard. With Praveen Srinivasan as sales head of North America, SwaaS expanded its territory to U.S. and Canada in 2014.Though the company has competitors in those countries, SwaaS' ability to provide solutions that are tenfold more cost-effective than them, endowed the company with a competitive edge.

The Chosen Hero

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