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Small Businesses' Secret Elixir for Data Protection

Ganesh Kuppuswamy, Director, Arcserve India & SAARC
Thursday, April 14, 2016
Ganesh Kuppuswamy, Director, Arcserve India & SAARC
Headquartered in Minnesota, Arcserve is a global leader in proving data protection and recovery software to multi-national organisations, thus enabling them to recover their data and applications when needed

Due to affordability, cloud-based disaster recovery is enabling small and medium-sized businesses to upgrade their data protection to rival that of enterprise level organizations for the first time. And small businesses are eating it up, adopting cloud based data storage and recovery faster than their mid and large-sized peers.

All organizations, big or small, are vulnerable in terms to data loss and disaster. Threats come in various forms: power failure, weather, computer viruses, data corruption, and the most unpredictable - human error. IT life is full of small disasters! Downtime after a data loss or disaster event can be kryptonite to business continuity, so it's critical for companies to restore full operations and recover their data as quickly as possible.

We often follow the convenient policy of 'if it isn't broke, don't worry about it' and unfortunately SMBs can be at even a larger risk for damages that pop up from extended recovery times. Immature infrastructure, limited IT budgets and fewer personnel can prevent SMBs from having a holistic backup and data recovery strategies and IT solutions in the first place. It results in extended downtime and unrepairable financial and reputational damages to the company.

That said, there are a few critical steps that should be taken in order to have a complete data protection strategy.

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