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Anant Infomedia: The Proficient Sales Arm of your Pharma Manufacturing Endeavors

si Team
Monday, April 18, 2016
si Team
Considered as a preferred destination for most of the major pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, Goa today is not just a name that kindles our frolic quotient, but a hub for a thriving industrial activities (with over 78 pharmaceutical companies. However,selling and marketing the pharma breakthroughs has always been a Herculean task for all these companies, enforcing them to have an additional sales arm outside Goan boundaries. If the time has to be rewound a decade, the case would not have been much different; instead, it would have been more daunting without the essential technologies like SaaS solutions. But, the same scenario was enough to thrust AnantInfomediaPvt. Ltd. (AIPL) - a part of DEMPO Group - to brainstorm the ideas and leverage end-to-end elixirs. The venture initiated its journey as a bootstrapped software development company in Panji in 2002 and rechanneled its trajectory towards the growing industry in 2006 with the sole objective of helping such companies to detangle the Gordian knots of the industry.

Boasting of referral successes and zero client-dropouts, AIPL owns an envious track record of hosting 45,000 subscribers across the multitude of blue chip companies in the world, that include Glenmark, PiramalHealthcare, GSK and AbottNutrition, while the company also has been crowned with the Best IT Solution Partner by Abott. As a SaaS player that runs on the motto of 'simple solutions, impeccable service', this premier IT company is dedicated to architect finest CRM and SFA solutions, and is highly recognized for Repforce - a complete CRM automation solution for Pharma and Diagnostic companies. With the affinity to analyze and decipher patient's data patterns, the cloud-based platform empowers the clients to make informed decisions and establish powerful sales forces.

The Hub of Modules

Each action of AIPL is directed towards augmenting effectiveness and Repforce serves as the perfect exemplary. The process begins with automation that converts manual endeavors to e-means, go through the intermediate stage of efficiencies and then the final stage of effectiveness. And Repforce employs modules and an exhaustive roadmap for all of them in order to accomplish this. "In fact, our suite has several modules compared to our competitors. We cover the length and breadth including training, learning, sales,E-detailing, BI tools, HR process and expense management integrations with ERP and such others," adds Sandeep Verenkar,Director, AIPL. The rationale of such uniqueness can also be credited to its advisory team,which consists of sales heads from some of its key clients who guides the company on its next step in the industry.

Operating out of two offices, Goa and Bombay, AIPL takes pride in its team of 75 experts, who are groomed under the open culture that fosters potential growth prospects. Here, the emphasis is given to achieving the task, rather than the fixed timings.The employees also have an access to other programs, be it technology skill or soft skills.

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