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ROW2 Technologies: Arming Purchasing & Business Development Professionals with Extensive Data

si Team
Monday, April 11, 2016
si Team
Achieving repeat business is not an accident, but an art that takes incessant innovations, indomitable quality & depth of offerings and above all, an impressive customer service. Getting well over 90 percent of repeat business, ROW2 Technologies has certainly mastered this art. Best known for its impeccable after-sales assistance, this Mumbai-based company headquartered in New Jersey, earned its customers' trust by continuously pioneering and addingnew features that are sought by its customers to its flagship product SmartChem - a knowledge-base for sourcing R&D and business development personnel from Pharma & life science industry. Always remaining just a call or mail away from customers, ROW2 reverts with required information instantaneously when the user is unable to find any chemical or company or feels that any information related to it is incomplete.

Brilliantly named as ROW2, which signifies the periodic table's second row that contains all the life supporting elements, the company has all products & services that can cater to all major business functions of the industry. "SmartChem not only has listing of above 1,00,000 chemicals sourced from 102 countries from around 15000 suppliers, but also offers information on regulatory details, patent exclusivity & expiry data, REACH information, routes of synthesis and literature references among others. This makes us a unique blend of chemistry and commercial data that's useful for everyday work of the life science industry," explains Shrikant Pradhan, CEO, ROW2.

Smart Offerings

SmartChem is remarkably simple-to-use with a highly user-friendly database and is accessible from any device with internet connection. ROW2 grants more control to users to navigate through the data by providing tools such as download/print option (as excel sheet), RapidFire (helps user to collect email addresses of suppliers of his/her choice in one single text file) and Reaction schemes (schematic representation of routes of synthesis for chemicals) among others. While the company's technology-based service RouteDesign helps process chemists in R&D function to identify new routes of synthesis for their advanced intermediates and target molecules, another service Maximizer facilitates business development personnel to maximize their business opportunities by identifying new prospects for their company's indigenous technologies and/or specialized reagents.

Being in business for more than a decade, this 2001 founded company encompasses vast information including DMF-VMF data from the USA-FDA, Japanese PMDA and European Union, patent expiry data (U.S. & Canada), dosage information and ANDA-NDA information (U.S.), inventory information like REACH regulations (Europe) as well as accreditations like GMP, ISO-certificates, and regional-certifications of manufacturing from Japan, China and India. And it intends to add more regions shortly.

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