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Sciformix: A Unique Scientific Process Organization Built on Knowledge and Process Excellence

si Team
Thursday, April 14, 2016
si Team
Primarily based on scientific research and processes, the life science industry has been witnessing significant global growth, thereby creating unprecedented opportunities for developing and outsourcing these activities. Needless to say, these domain-intensive processes require strong subject matter expertise to derive meaningful insights. This is precisely where SPOs (Scientific Process Organizations) contribute.By using optimized analytics and processes as enablers, SPOs provide value through their industry focus, domain competency, depth of subject matter expertise and commitment to quality. Sciformix Corporation - a U.S. headquartered global contract KPO with a focus on scientific processes - serves as an excellent example of an SPO that has been instrumental in partnering with life science companies to improve the quality of healthcare for patients worldwide.

Founded in 2007 by Ajit Nagral and Dr. ChitraLele, the company's prime focus has been on providing specialized science-based services to life science organizations.Sciformix initially serviced pharmaceutical companies and eventually expanded its portfolio to embrace consumer products, medical devices, contract research and all healthcare organizations. Taking clients' success as its mission, Sciformix endeavors to partner with global life science companies to provide best-in-class scientific expertise and delivers value by serving as a partner that shares its clients' risks by aligning with their goals."We reduce their business, scientific and regulatory risk by bringing our experience to bear positive results," adds Manish Soman, President & CEO, Sciformix. The same client-centric mantra has molded the company to not only attract an envious client-base that includes top global companies across various segments in the industry,but also to receive prestigious accolades like KPO Entrepreneurial Company of the Year (Frost & Sullivan-2013) and Most Talented Leaders in the Outsourcing Industry (for Manish).

The Idiosyncratic Modalities

Powered by a global cost and resource-optimized business model, and years of experience, Sciformix supports product life cycle maintenance for its clients from pre-clinical to clinical to post marketing activities. "We provide niche and end-to-end services in Safety & Risk Management, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Research & Post-Approval Support, including services in areas of pharma covigilance, biometrics, regulatory affairs, scientific writing, clinical operations and labeling," proclaims Manish. Besides the flexible models, the services offered at Sciformix also come with a customizable and seamless 'plug-and-play' feature.

The approach also provides Sciformix,which employs~1,000 employees globally,the ability to support its clients through operations across U.S., Europe, India and Philippines. It offers the company the scalability to tap into a worldwide talent pool with a diverse skill-set. "Our ability to grow is driven by world-class talent that thrives in a team environment and shares our mission," asserts Manish. Bound by the core values that uphold quality, continuous learning, customer focus, diversity, entrepreneurship and teamwork, employees are endowed with the freedom and opportunities to move across projects, choose the path to learn and develop, and celebrate our wins.

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