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Goose: A Promise to Deliver Productivity & Compliance

si Team
Friday, April 15, 2016
si Team
Organizations holding back from the 'new-norms' such as online drug regulatory platforms is as imperil as a man balancing on a cord, a slip-up can cause serious injury so as atrivial miss on product registration deadline can cause mountainous loss. Offline tools and depending on manual activities usually end-up in missed deadlines. Hence it becomes paramount to have tools that can help pharma companies stay on a safer side. Goose's Harmony suite of platform comprising Harmony eRA, the Regulatory Information Management System,serves like a God whose sole purpose of existence is to eliminate such turbulences.

After the inception in 2004, Goose Technologies chose themselves a well-rooted & in-line growth pattern, which went dynamic after it shifted completely in to life sciences.Today Goose commands the Pharma & Life Science industry with its Harmony tools. The company strongly believes in 'Understand-the-customer' policy that has led it grow its customers base in Asia, U.S. and Europe with more than 20 MNCs and 3000 plus concurrent users, which includes some lead role players of the fragment.This IIP, Pharmexcil and NASSCOM member is having a delightful partnership with Microsoft too, and has won IBM SmartCamp Hyderabad title and one of the top 15 regional finalists in 2015 among several other recognitions apart from being recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Companies by CIOReview.

Accelerate Your Regulatory Submissions

Regulatory information database of any pharma company is an outcome of year's hard work, but a minor revise within the industry induce to rethink the approach. The contemplation is a step ahead - Harmony eRA,carved under the guidance of innovative hubs &eminent leaders, for easier, faster, heterogeneous & convincible pave to manage and track sophisticated regulated portfolio across the business. Islet systems are transformed into more-allied systems here with definitive grail of increased conveyance, communication & interoperability between tracking systems, regulatory intelligence & submissions, medical information, and safety systems - veritably, between and among all aspects of the regulatory function. This online version of paper based guides and registration forms come bundled with abundant information to handle with business productivity, freeing up time to focus on alternate work.

Besides the war-winning artifacteRA that helps regulated industries ready for the upcoming IDMP framework, the conventional on-product artwork process delay of 25 days is reduced to six days with the Mr. Secure, Harmony eLabel, and if in urgency, the process is completed within an hour!, Goose proclaims. Harmony eProof minimizes the tedious manual efforts by comparing documents in seconds, while eDoc offers an accurate, error-free and centralized system for process automation.

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