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Mobiveil: Not Just an IP Vendor, But a Technology Innovation Specialist

Kavitha G.
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kavitha G.
The global Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) Market is expected to reach $5.63 Billion by 2020, according to the new Markets and Markets research report, "Semiconductor (Silicon) IP Market by Form Factor (Integrated Circuit IP, SOC IP), Design Architecture (Hard IP, Soft IP), Processor Type (Microprocessor, DSP), Application, Geography and Verification IP - Forecast & Analysis to 2013 - 2020". Unfortunately, India was and is still a small contributor to the overall industry growth. While the accelerated growth in semiconductor markets in the U.S, China and several developed countries has fuelled growth in the semiconductor IP industry, India's contribution is a mere 2.4 percent of the global semiconductor market. Though the country is recognized as a large consumer of electronics products, it is still at a nascent stage when it comes to designing and manufacturing semiconductors for its domestic market. Adding to the scarcity, there are hardly any Silicon IP vendors who presents a perfect blend of products and technology. One exception to this generalization is Mobiveil, a fast growing semiconductor IP and Services company.

Incorporated just over two years ago, Mobiveil has established itself as one of the pioneers in developing semiconductor IP technology and licensing it to customers worldwide. Mobiveil specializes in providing high- speed interfaces, which are used in System- on- Chip (SOC) and FPGA designs . The Company has successfully developed several IP and technology platforms in the area of Flash storage, servers and wireless infrastructure. It has one of the richest portfolio of high speed serial Interconnect and storage IP solutions that includes DDR4/3, LPDDR3/2, PCI Express Gen4/Gen3, RapidIO Gen3/2, Flash controllers (NAND Flash and Hyper Flash) , 10G/1G Ethernet MACs, QSPI, PCI Express Bridge and Switch solutions. Mobiveil IPs offers the most feature-rich, power-efficient, highly interoperable and silicon-proven solutions providing the optimum balance between power and performance. The company opened offices in Bangalore and Chennai to develop a portfolio of new silicon IP components and platforms with the help of local talent.

Comprising a professional team of industry executives who have stayed together for more than 15 years, Mobiveil is celebrated for its founding management team that possess a rich background in the semiconductor, systems and EDA industries. Their decades of extensive engineering experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of the market requirements- make them prime candidate for great success. But their journey has never been easy. While investing in their own R&D activities adds to the company's value, it is also a risky task as it is difficult to predict the actual worth of their investments. "As an IP company, we have to invest money upfront, go through product development, validations, third party certifications and more. Only when we start licensing to customers, do we know whether the investments are worthy or not," says Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO, Mobiveil Inc. But that does not stop the company from venturing into new technologies. They participate and actively drive new technologies and standards specifications for the computer and semiconductor industry. The company's 'correct-by- construction' engineering discipline has made it possible to create innovations, thus enabling them to live up to their tagline 'Investors in Innovation'.

Mobiveil's Systems and Semiconductor teams work with industry leading standards organizations to create out-of-the box licensable solutions for easy SOC development and deployment. Unlike other competitors in the space, Mobiveil also develop complete integrated platforms (hardware and software) for accelerating system level product development for their customers. Their SSD, Server and IoT (Internet of Things) platforms are expected to jump start product development for customers worldwide and their plan is manufacture some of these products in India. While Mobiveil is acknowledged for its value based customer solutions and exceptional customer support, the company also endeavors to transform its employees to leaders of tomorrow. The Silicon Valley headquartered company has ingrained an entrepreneurial culture of flexible, open, non-hierarchical, and nurturing environment for its employees, fostering innovation.

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