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Kreativ Tech Solutions: Tailored Enterprise and Analytics Solution for SME

Sumant Hebballi
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Sumant Hebballi
The technologically converging world has created a visible gap between the pioneer's, followers and the laggards. The pioneers had a huge advantage about a decade ago, while the followers are now coming at par, but those who couldn't afford to jump on the technical bandwagon has left them not high but dry. Unfortunately, Indian SME sector has not been able to come out of the "laggards" tag. Though there is a silver lining in offer and the compliance to adopt technology is forcing the SME owners to re-think, re-align and re-position! That's the industry gap that Kreativ Technology Solution aims to fulfill through a complete package of Integrated Enterprise and Engineering Solutions. Kreativ management team underlines that the need of the day is to promote automation in entire product life cycle and the company strives to make this transition seamless to SME Firms.

Enterprise Solutions are known in different technical Acronyms. Traditionally buyers know them as ERP, BI, CRM, DMS, SCM Analytics, PLM, Accounting Software etc. Kreativ has successfully tailored all of them and have positioned their product to offer a flexible and robust KREATIV ENTERPRISE SUITE ARCHITECTURE (KESA) - which is subject to quick customization! Kreativ acknowledges that each organization has it's own vision, business principles, operations style and product portfolio. Hence management does not believe in the "normally accepted" approach of FIT-IN-ALL Enterprise package. Kreativ has been a strong proponent of TAILOR-FOR-EACH-CUSTOMER strategy. Though the management team said that they have deployed the off -the-shelf package (OOTB), but the focus lies in serving customers with niche and unique business, manufacturing and operational needs.

The Enterprise solutions available in India are facing the double edged sword of price and functionalities; the inexpensive ones lack the functionalities and stability, while the mature ones are way too expensive for the SMEs. As a consequence, the SMEs struggle to find an appropriate Enterprise solution which does not hamper its cash flow as well as provides them with the best solution for seamless business and engineering automation.

PLM verticalof Enterprise Business is a different ball-game. Majority of Indian Manufacturers directly deal with Software vendors such as Dassault Systemes, Siemens, Autodesk and PTC for their PLM, CAD Design and PDM Softwares. Deployment and Support of these systems are, however, done by smaller software vendors. Kreativ has positioned itself in -Customization, Administration and Consulting - sub domains. Kreativ has successfully partnered with Dassault, Geometric Ltd and WaveAxis for end customer's PLM customization and Administration. Customization in PLM projects requires high level of skills, resulting into a niche market where only few companies have the required know how. Kreativ has positioned themselves in this sector.

Kreativ is formed in 2012 by 5 members: Rituraj Singh, Amit Ranjan, Sandeep Kumar, GyanRanjan and Manish Nahar.

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