If Growth's a Mere Chance for You, then You are under Miasma

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Extinction is a scary word even in the business realm where everyone is on his/her toe to make business growth more pertinent. But the one who thinks that growth is by mere chance, their business is sure to be covered with miasma. But for those who believe that growth is the result of forces working together, growing numbers are mere figures for them. To them, growth is more about their offerings and how they address the pain points of the customers in a unique way that no one else does. To them, growth is about creating more Intellectual Properties and innovative ideas. To them, growth is the clients they have in their wallet, the team size and geographical presence.

Such organizations not just secure their future but their employees too. In the run, they empower their employees to take creative decisions ultimately leading to more innovative ideas. Even in deep state of flux when the economy tumbled, organizations walking hand-in-hand along with these factors not just hefted and scaled but showed tremendous growth and were able to create niche for themselves. However, it is essential to vet before you step. In this edition of siliconindia, we bring to you the stories of such companies in 'si50 Fastest Growing Companies' who with their sharp-edged skills and foresightedness garnered un-precedent success.

Apart from this, we also bring to you the story of 'Agile Financial Technologies: Equipping the BFSI Landscape with Cutting Edge Enterprise Systems' under our cover story column. The company which is a global enterprise software product company focused on the BFSI sector is growing leaps and bounds under the leadership of Kalpesh Desai, CEO.

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