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Toon Explainers: Growth Guaranteed!!

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kanak Prabha
According to a study conducted by Wharton Research Center, an average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, and 50 percent of what they see. Today, our average attention span in just eight seconds, one second less than the goldfish. This makes the task of companies more Herculean when it comes to grabbing visitors' attention on their website. On the other hand, business storytelling is becoming a buzz word in the market place. Every other marketer or business wants to convey their story through pictures or animations so that it becomes easy for them to grab the listener's or visitor's attention. This is why we are witnessing huge number of companies making a shift towards explainer videos on their website to interact with their visitors to explain about themselves and their products. While these explainer videos span from few seconds to a minute or two, the success of it lies in the interactive content created to engage visitors. This is where these companies need explainer animated video creator companies who have this core competency ingrained in their DNA and Toon Explainers is one of them. Toon Explainers deliver first and lasting impressions through engaging web video animations for Mobile Apps, Technology Services, or just about anything that needs explaining.

Toon Explainers was founded in 2013 in Coimbatore by Jabeer Khan (CEO) who himself is an extraordinaire animator along with Co-Founder Gandhi Mathi (COO) who is an aspiring techie with an accomplished experience in top companies like HCL & IBM. The young startup had to compete head-on with the bigwigs of the explainer video industry that already had a strong brand value and market share in the region. Jabeer leveraged his strong creative background to expand himself by establishing his own company. He understands the needs of his clients well and focuses majorly on creating original web properties and characters that can be exploited across platforms.

Visual Impact

Toon Explainers create captivating animated videos with emphasis on engaging and infotaining storytelling that their clients can enjoy. Their main production backbone lies in explainer videos, startup videos, promotional videos, white board animation, video scribe and cartoon animated video. Having experience of working with global brands like Microsoft SkyDrive, LinkedIn, eBay, amazon.com, Trade India and others, Toon Explainers understands the pulse of the market thus each video created is more of an infotainment rather than just entertainment videos. The company produces less time consuming videos and generates short time saving market opportunities which help their clients save three-fourth of advertising expense through their explainer videos.

Phenomenal Growth

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Reader's comments(4)
1:A very inspiring story to look up at for young startups. Keep growing..Best Wishes.
Posted by: - 12th Jan 2015
2:I am watching their growth day by day. They are amazing. Their dedication and total commitment to their work is excellent. Their service is superb and because their growth doubles with repeat businesses and references.
Posted by: - 09th Jan 2015
3:I am watching their growth day by day. They are amazing. Their dedication and total commitment to their work. Their service is superb and because their growth doubles with repeat businesses and references.
Posted by: - 09th Jan 2015
4:Their dedication in their work and commitment on the timeline is excellent. It was a great and pleasing experience when working with them. Guys you rock ! Keep going !
Posted by: Madura Maha - 09th Jan 2015
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