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Flutura: A whole new level in Operational Efficiency

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, May 12, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
The weather and traffic nowadays in Bangalore can easily throw off our zest before we reach the office, where our spirit is further crushed by futile metrics akin to clocking the hours. Not in Flutura, a decision sciences company based in Bangalore and U.S., where when the biking employees drenched in sweat asked for a shower room to refresh, the management built it without hesitation. The company brushes aside the metric systems and bestows their employees with absolute freedom and no time pressure.

Since they rest in reason and move in passion, their work truly is transformational justifying the name Flutura, which means butterfly in Albanian. Just like the beautiful transformation of caterpillar to butterfly, their product Cerebra, a M2M Analytics platform is capable of unlocking patterns embedded within enormous machine data and transforms it to fathomable data, thereby unlocking operational efficiency. While Cerebra is flexible enough to be used for any industry vertical, Flutura has customized Cerebra and offers solution to industries including telecom, industrial engineering, intelligent building and more.

Perfectionists at Work
The co-founders Krishnan Raman, Srikanth Muralidhara and Derick Jose have extensive experience in data analytics, as if they bleed data. Since they yearned to make an impact and create big global product out of India, they founded Flutura in 2012 while doing a transformational project that made them definite about the future of analytics. The heavenly work culture and the founders' off-the-charts background brought them a phenomenal sixty member team, who chose Flutura over multiple offers from biggest MNCs. When the skilled and experienced team turned a lot of heads, everything fell in place. The remarkable team caught the eye of numerous venture firms and customers spanning across U.S., Europe and India including clients like world's leading facilities management service providers and leading industrial conglomerates. Flutura is a crystal clear organization, where their people are completely transparent to their customers as well.

"In general, the startup journey is about highs and lows. By managing them as a team, one can move forward and succeed for sure," says Krishnan Raman, Co-Founder, Flutura. Krishnan mastered the decision making skills and achieved maturity in a hard way. Whilst his learning episode in Mindtree had been amazing, in his previous startup Atma Consulting, which he co-founded with a vision of being a Vertical Services Provider; his team built a too futuristic solution in the early 2000, which ended up stifling the startup. He perceived that though products are an important element for a startup, but selling is what will make it stand tall for long.

The company believes in innovating and its high spirited luminous minds are wholehearted on improving safety in oil and gas space by analyzing risk, where a single explosion could lead to loss in billions of money and worse, human lives.

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