PALASH Healthcare Systems: Leveraging Technology for Better Healthcare

Jisha Unni
Friday, May 2, 2014
Jisha Unni
Healthcare industry is keeping pace in integrating technology in its work space, but there are several healthcare providers who still lag behind in adoption of technology especially small and mid-sized hospitals. The reason being ‘unawareness’ about technological advancements. Healthcare industry in India is bereft of a proper guideline for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and a proper regulation system. This negligence is widening the gap between the requirements of healthcare providers and its deliverables. Several healthcare providers are still maintaining the entire medical records manually. With a mission to transform this manual work system through its innovative solutions and services, PALASH Healthcare Systems (PHS) came into existence in 2006 in Pune soon establishing a strong client base mainly in India, UAE, Africa, Caribbean, South East Asia and Europe.

PHS is a state-of-the-art comprehensive enterprise-wide Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS), Clinical Information Management System (CIMS), Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Analytics software provider. Its faculty focused frameworks and operational components cover all aspects of management and operations of hospitals and clinics. PHS provides solutions for small and medium hospitals & clinics, where they have streamlined entire processes seamlessly. Under the supervision of Dinesh Samudra, Founder & CEO, the company provides various solutions - Multispeciality, Healthcare platform, Clinical Management, IVF, Ophthalmology, Diabetic and Nephrocare to name a few.

PHS has enabled the easiness in the entire workflow mechanism with its single point integrated solutions. Earlier, these hospitals struggled to maintain manual data efficiently. With the implementation of PHS' solutions, information of patients, labs or others are instantaneously accessible on a single click. These solutions comprises of various modules as per requirement. For example - Nephrocare, which consists of various modules like patient, billing, laboratory, radiology, nephrology EMR feature, inventory and interfaces to name a few. These modules are streamlined in such a way that the entire medical details about any specific patient are accessible by the physicians or the authorized user. Hence, it eradicates the entire confusion and makes systematic workflow.

Adopting latest technology and changing itself as per the need of the hour is what PHS believes in. Thus, it has equipped itself with cloud-based HIMS solutions. The company merged HIMS and CIMS solutions and developed its version 1.0 that enables centralized data management. Accessibility of any particular patient portal by concerned physician is also made possible by this cloud-based solution. PHS also provides commercial application delivery and revenue analysis services. The solutions come with remote accessibility that allows the user to easily access through smartphones and tablets. The company is attracting VCs’ attention with its successful solutions and are expecting funding amount of $5million within a year along with a web portal they soon plan to launch.

Currently serving clients in India including Mewar, Medipoint Hospital Pvt Ltd, Optis Eye Hospital, Inamdar Multispecialty hospital to name a few, the company extends its offering to international clients as well. It envisions expanding its offices in UK, Europe and Africa in the near future.
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