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Emblix Solutions: Assured and Increased Productivity from Persistent Marketers

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
William Shakespeare once said, "Good counselors lack no clients." A good counselor visualizes his client's business as his own and will not rest his eyes until deriving desired results. Emblix Solutions, a digital marketing company, founded in December 2012 is fortunate to have such counselors. With the blessings of their 200 plus clients they are crowned as one of the top digital marketing company in Hyderabad in a short span of time of one and half years.

Additional to their governance in entire south Indian hemisphere, they also have acquired high-end clients in Kuwait and Qatar including Bradma Group and Goodwill International among others.

Emblix was founded in Hyderabad by Chaitanya Nandigam, a blogger who started digital marketing as a hobby. When his advertising website reached an amazing traffic within two months, he found his true calling. Impressed by his pitch and figures, Star Hospital became his first client. Emblix stepped in to the world of marketing service industry doing social media marketing, digital media marketing and SEO services for Star Hospital. Additional to these services, Emblix now offers branding, affiliate marketing, online reputation management, web designing and unbeatable e-mail marketing and e-Commerce applications.

Though Emblix has grown in leap and bounds now, initially Chaitanya struggled a lot due to his lack of business experience. He had to depend on his father's pocket, after his hard earned money as software engineer melted away in three months. Determined Chaitanya worked round the clock and stabilized his company after three months. And he is driving Emblix to obtain 200 percent growth every quarter ever since. While they have won clients over various verticals in B2C and B2B companies, e-Commerce has always been their forte. Additional to their in-house project indiadimers.com, an e-Commerce website, they also serve many top-notch e-Commerce companies like FlipKart, Snapdeal and Myntra.
The biggest challenge for any e-Commerce startup is to create a brand for themselves and acquire the first100 customers. That's where Emblix comes in. "We initiated some offers that were delivered correctly. We helped our clients to earn the trust of their end customers with the Lose-to-Win strategy," says Chaitanya Nandigam, MD, CEO & Founder, Emblix solutions.

Their persistence to give up is another secret to their success. The multi-talented Emblix team doesn't turn their backs on a client until they obtain a decent target. The quick learning, multi-talented employees of Emblix rally around Chaitanya like a brother and enabled the exponential growth of the company. Currently, the company is keen on ameliorating its employees to all-rounder and enhance their productivity. They have devoted themselves in getting the company in shape for future trends in Digital Marketing Industry and gain more clients in all metros and across the globe.

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