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Diaz Nesamoney: Gymnast of Creativity

si Team
Monday, December 28, 2015
si Team
Not all are destined to be the master of their own fortune. And for those who aspire to be, Diaz Nesamoney is a fervent example who left his cozy job to incept his dream project Jivox. He cites,"Different people have different contemplations, and I chose to be an entrepreneur because while working for a large company, no matter how hard I would work or what great ideas I had, I could not make much of an impact".

Starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2007 as a founder of data integration software giant Informatica (IPO NASDAQ 1999), he founded a second company Celequest which was acquired by Cognos (now IBM) and is currently CEO, president & director of Jivox (world's leading data driven advertising & marketing company). Diaz is a board member of the American India Foundation and a member of the Board of Trustees at the World Affairs Council. Diaz describes, "My journey has been great and I would not trade it for anything. It has its highs and its lows, but the feeling of making an impact each day and aspiring to build something great and leaving a legacy is what keeps me going".

Learning from Mistakes
While many of us would shy to accept failure, Diaz happily admits and learns from them. As a person who is still learning and growing, Diaz induces his employees by giving anecdotes about customers in order to help motivate his team to develop a great product. Under his leadership, the company creates programmatic advertising including app video, native, mobile and display ads for multi-screen ad campaigns. Intensely overwhelmed with his novelty, the global brands and media agencies dependably rely on Jivox to create, serve and manage personalized advertising campaigns today.

While optimism runs in Diaz's blood, he tries to be more realistic to avoid any serious damage to his business. He believes that investment & innovation are keys to promote entrepreneurship, thus articulates, "Entrepreneurs have to invent. It doesn't have to be technology; it can be an app or a new design or anything else. And I am always inventing". Many a times, people will doubt your conviction and even you, but for Diaz, success comes with being persistence. He adds, "Explore new things that seem uncomfortable and unconventional as no one gets successful by playing it safe all the time".

Diaz considers this to be right time to take entrepreneurship as a career as Indian government has started various entrepreneurship programs to spur interest among youths, while he also believes that engineering institutes need to invest more in teaching in business skills and entrepreneurship apart from technology. Highly inspired by Steve Jobs for his perseverance, vision and ability to combine great technology with amazing design, and Bill Clinton for his amazing talent to inspire and lead, he finds a great dearth of role models in India for the newer generations who can lead the path.

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