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Upside Learning: Pioneering the eLearning space

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Anamika Sahu
An iconoclastic company that has pushed the boundaries with every move it made in the learning technology domain is still imbibed with the promise it made a decade ago when it was incepted. The promise to deliver learning solutions that can drive a corporate's performance. While several other players in the same space are still catching up with latest technologies, Upside Learning has been pioneering with its innovative learning technology solutions.

The eLearning domain is divided into two fragments namely Learning Technology and Custom eLearning Development services, and not many master the space. Upside is one of these few experts that has mastered the art of leading the game. "Our success parameters have always been 'focus on quality' and 'consistent & continuous innovation'. Today, we are positioned very strongly in the eLearning space, given we not only have great solutions to offer but we are also always at the leading edge in terms of technology and innovation," says Amit Gautam, Founder and Director, Technology Solutions.

Indian youths are tech savvy making India one of the largest consumers of smart devices like mobiles and tablets. This is one of the factors driving the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as it provides better work flexibility. While several eLearning providers are still trying to understand the challenges and opportunities in the mobile space, Upside has contributed and many a times been a leader in mobile learning. The company has eventually developed a range of skills, services, solutions and expertise by staying in step with the latest technologies and working closely with its customers. Today, it is already a great strength of Upside in terms of what it can do in mobile learning, both in terms of services and products.

The value that its three-fold USP - unfailing quality, innovation and single window for both Learning Technology and Content eLearning Development services - brings to the customers make Upside a partner they can completely depend upon for their business goals and a partner that works with them as the eLearning space changes. "We are always a step ahead in terms of being able to offer the latest to our customers," adds Gautam. This track of delivering quality and value to its consumers also helps the company build a credible brand name in the space not only in India but in the North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

In today's multi-device world, people switch between different devices like tablets, smartphones, desktop, laptops and others through the day. This has generated a need to provide eLearning content on every such device and operating platform that the device runs on. Upside's innovative Framework for Responsive ELearning Development (FRED) helps in creating learning content that can adjust to screen size and the device hardware/platform to deliver the learning content in the way best suited to the particular device. "Our biggest strength lies in being able to offer solutions that are not regressive but progressive. We believe in keeping ourselves abreast with the changes happening within the industry and incorporate them back in our solutions and services. A number of awards that we win each year on our products and services validate our approach to a large extent," affirms Amit Garg, Gautam's business partner and Director of Custom Learning Solutions.

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