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G4S: Shielding Industries with Simple yet Apt Security Solutions

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Kavitha G.
Indian Private Security Industry with an estimated worth of over $1-9 billion is growing at the rate of 18 percent between the financial years 2012-2015. The sector comprises of approximately 15,000 Indian Private Security companies out of which only 20-25 percent are in the organized sector, with 65 percent unorganized. Statutory compliances, investment in training and use of best-in-class global technology still remain a big challenge for PSI in India. Comprehending this risk with its bouquet of specialized security services is G4S which is recognized as world's leading integrated security company. As a leading professional security organization in India, G4S holds 16 percent of the organized market and is the largest private sector non-IT employer. As a leader in security solutions, the company has its own set of values and internal policies that ensure world class training and technology to provide their clients best-in-class security solutions.

G4S has amassed a vast pool of best practices and experience from across the globe and uses this knowledge pool to create solutions to the problems that the customers are facing. G4S India offers array of customized and flexible services to its customers, which broadly include Security Advisory services, Electronic Security Systems, Facility Management and Risk Consultancy. Their extensive training of the personnel, up-to the mark inventory and strictly following the statutory procedures helps them maintain high standards and the qualitative level of services provided to their clients making G4S exceptional than the rest in the market. While the brand considers IT/ITeS the hottest area to serve, they also cater to other key sectors including Information Technology, Telecom, Government, Corporate Houses, Industries, Ports, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Transit, Education, Healthcare and Airports.

"Some of the key issues the security sector faces are attrition, retention of talent and lack of investment in technology. G4S has been investing in talent, technology and training to ensure this," says Ashok Bajpai, Managing Director of G4S. The company's greater strength is its global experience. They leverage this vast pool of knowledge and apply it to the local market. With a 360 degree approach to satisfying customer needs, they begin by selecting the best in the industry and invest in their training to further develop their competence. Experience, combined with an innovative approach is used, to then create and deliver the right solution.
G4S-India has evolved over the last 24 years and prides itself in having a workforce of over 130,000 employees in India and 657,000 employees worldwide. Thus, the company has developed a work culture which is in tune with the employee needs and allows them to put their best foot forward. There is a 'G4S Way' of doing business which is deeply ingrained in all of the employees.

Firmly stood on ground of integrity G4S has laid out specific guidelines for their employees. The brand also ensures safety and well-being of their employees, which encourages them to deliver excellent results. Besides employee engagement initiatives like bonding hours and trainings, G4S has a strong grievance redressal system. The company has proactively launched a WISH Centre (Welfare Integrated System Helpline) with the objective of providing a platform to employees for voicing their concerns and grievances, thus facilitating a faster resolution of grievances so as to ensure job satisfaction through employee welfare.
G4S believes that sustainability and giving back to the society are key responsibilities of any organization. With a constant drive to contribute towards empowering society; G4S has joined hands with NGOs like HOPE Foundation. Constructed on one of the largest slum in NCR region, a primary school for under-privileged children named G4S Shiksha takes a step further in helping those children to get appropriate education. The company also has launched many social initiatives focusing on diversified aspects such as women and child welfare and restoration of heritage buildings.

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