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TechSci: Methodical Research and Pertinent Analysis for Smarter Generation

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
The world of business is like a storming ocean. A single wrong decision can throw one off the board. Not so long ago, entrepreneurs had nothing to cling on but their gut feeling to make life altering decisions, which has drowned them in unfortunate occasions. But the scenario has changed in the past couple of years with the arrival of second generation entrepreneurs.

Today, with the luxury of market research they are able to stabilize themselves with facts like customer satisfaction reports and competitive & business intelligence reports. Especially, innovative startups have started to sponsor their limited funds on research even before they frame out strategy to enter a new market.

TechSci Research, a market research and consulting service company who specialize in market entry strategy, generates uniquely rich reports to alleviate the suffering of such pioneers. Unlike other research agencies relying on secondary research information, the cost-effective Noida-headquartered company executes detailed primary surveys with relevant stakeholders along with thorough secondary research of relevant publications.
The five-year old company has highly trained team of 58 analysts and consultants in their operational office in Noida, 4 in Canada and 3 in UK sales offices. They also hired 300 freelancers across the globe to perform the primary survey that adds tremendous value to the customers.

"Since we focus on providing the unavailable information through primary survey, we are able to explore the nascent markets and provide niche insights to customers," says Karan Chechi, Research Director at TechSci Research. They stand tall in six major industries namely Automotives, Chemicals, Power, Consumer Goods, IT & Telecom and Water. The company serves a large base of Fortune 500 clients such as Dow Chemicals, Unilever, Citi Bank, GE, BASF, Fujitsu, Bridgestone, LG, Samsung and Sumitomo Corporation among others legends.

Apart from research services like market sizing studies, customer loyalty research, brand health trackers, concept testing studies and data analytics that raised the bar of research industry, they also provide consulting services for organization restructuring, business unit strategy, business performance improvement and merger and acquisition strategy. They assist in executing the entire contract including finding the right partner & joint ventures, and tying up with new distributors & raw material suppliers among others. Despite their HR strategy to hire only people with MBA degree, finding right talent for this industry is still a Herculean task. Since TechSci's main focus is quality, they train the MBAs from premium institutes for months before handing them a real project. To extract high quality research, they plan to double their best trained soldiers' strength by the end of this year. They have solid plans to expand their operational offices to emerging markets like Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe where the research demand is soaring new high.

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