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Support.com: A Vibrant Blend of Technology, People & Culture

si Team
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
si Team
The key ingredient that makes a company the perfect place to work is the respect and appreciation the company shows to its employees, and the resulting byproduct - a focused yet fun spirit. Elizabeth Cholawsky's (President & CEO, support.com) clear understanding of this fact alongside support.com's constant endeavor to maintain a work environment to suit the needs of its current employee base have guaranteed the Company a firm place in our 'Best Companies to Work For' list for the second consecutive year.

Highly celebrated for its contact center solutions that are second to none, is a 1997-established company with its India operations being set up in 2003. Their Support.com Cloud is a SaaS solution that is well poised to exploit the IoT revolution. Diwakar Bhatia, Senior Director, Software Development and Country Manager - India Operations, says, "We have refined Support.com Cloud with increased focus on Self-Support, CRM integrations and interaction analytics that drive actionable insights. Self-Support is now available via Support.com Cloud SDK which can be embedded into any customer device. By aggregating everything that's known about devices, and the customer's context, and analyzing the current situation against this aggregated data, the platform can characterize the problem and prescribe the best solution. The product itself can then make that solution available via self-service or through a trained representative, all at the touch of an icon".

Industry Wide Recognition & Laurels

Closely working with customers to identify innovative approaches to build next generation support experience, Support.com has expanded its toolsets with cutting-edge remote technologies like SeeSupport for Android and iPhone devices. Driven by innovation, the company has been recognized with numerous industry awards such as 'Winner of the CRM Rising Stars' by destination CRM in 2016, 'Customer Contact Center Technology Award' and 'Technology Innovation Award' by TMC Labs and CUSTOMER Magazine for demonstrating innovation and improving the quality of technical support. Apart from these, last year, Support.com also won 'Top Product of 2015 for Support.com Cloud Self-Support' by CRM Media and 'Frost & Sullivan's Company of the Year award' in the Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) market segment

"Our employees are responsible for our success. They see the impact of their efforts through our happy customers who use our products every day. We try to show our gratitude not just through benefits like our comprehensive health plans, and fun activities like outings to Play Arena & team lunches, but also by continually communicating with and engaging each employee, and then using their ideas to better our culture and further grow the success of the company," explains Elizabeth.

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